Thursday, May 26, 2011

Going Home

I love the Yuba River. They tell me that deep Persian blue color is because of a natural occurring mineral. I say "natural" since there were so many chemicals introduced during the mining years. I put on a sweater and drove home with my windows down so I could hear it.

Even the road cuts are inter-
esting. If you click for big, you can see all the wild flowers that have found purchase in rock crevices.

Highway 49 follows the river and so is equally windy. There are plenty of warning signs and when the curve is really tight, you get an extra warning sign. Watch out for prancing deer is what we call this sign.
I came around a corner and found the road otherwise occupied, so slowed and stopped. I've never hit a deer but I've heard enough stories from those who have. I waited until they cleared the road and one obliged my camera with a cameo on the bank.
I got to the summit of Yuba Pass, elevation 6,701 feet, and thought this was too ironic to pass up. There is still a snow pack, and in some places especially along the stream beds, it's 4 feet. And here are bicyclists clamoring to enjoy a weekend without rain and with dry roads.
After the pass, I crossed into the Eastern Sierras, and I have never not once in all the years I've lived here, stopped at the vista point. I had stopped so many times already, and so I stopped again. This is Sierra Valley, and the mountain in the right distance is Peterson. It's the view from our living room, but looking at the east side of it. It's a pretty ginormous view.
And since I had already pulled Eleanor over more times than I'm willing to let on, I stopped to catch this. It's on the corner of 49, where I turn left for 89 and Sattley. . This defunct sawdust mill has been just like this since I first came in 1968 and it's a memory - don't know why. I guess because it's always been there.
A number of years ago I was at a local water color show and found this piece by Larry Jacox. I never have spending money but I showed the painting to Ian, and we now have it hanging in the hall. It was just titled Yuba River and I think he nailed it. It means a lot to me to have this little piece of the place I love right here in our house.


Jody said...

Such a beautiful drive!! I enjoy all your pics so much :-)

Benita said...

What a lovely trip home. I adore the mountains, and yours are beautiful.

Margreet said...

What a drive! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a good time out there at the spindle camp. Always good to be with like minded people.

danielle said...

We were up in the Sierras this weekend - went into Yosemite on Sunday - rain - snow - sleet - rain + snow - interesting day!!