Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spindle Camp III

Susan Prince used to be a fund raiser for KVIE, a PBS affiliate in Sacra-
mento, and so took it upon herself to see what freebies she could roust up for we campers, and it turns out - a lot! We drew for winners and there was something for everyone.
This was the crowning jewel in the SWAG, which I learned stands for "stuff we all get." In all the years I participated in 10K fun runs and got SWAG bags, I never knew why we called it that. Susan knew!
Golding sent this gorgeous spindle, which is worth more than $100. There were at least a dozen Golding spindles present and I know of one ordered by phone from the campsite. I tested it and it does spin better than mine. I didn't win this and I am still thinking about ordering one.
My BFF Barbara Sue got this goodie bag, which was the next coolest prize after the spindle. It was filled with goodies.
This is my lucky ticket - BFL and tussah silk top from Miss Babs. I've never heard of her - none of us but Susan Prince had. She's from Mountain City, TN and was crazy in her generosity. I hope she's safe in the tornadoes. The ticket was drawn for me, but I love these colors!
Melissa and I had been planning this trip since last year and then she got sick - too late for a refund. However, I am bringing back her SWAG from Lisa Souza in Placerville, CA, also crazy generous. This is merino, tussah silk and bamboo and I just couldn't get my camera catch the opalescent colors of this roving. It's going to make beautiful lace weight yarn.

Potluck dinner was followed by roasting peeps for s'mores. I was a spectator.

It's camp. Did you really think we'd go to bed when it got dark. Someone got Lindsey to tell Sven and Ole jokes (from Prairie Home Companion). I Googled them so in between the ones people remember read a couple from my phone like this one:

Sven was going for his morning walk one day when he
walked past Ole's house and saw a sign that said
"Boat For Sale." This confused Sven because he knew
that Ole didn't own a boat, so he finally decided to go
in and ask Ole about it.

"Hey Ole," said Sven, "I noticed da sign in your yard
dat says 'Boat For Sale,' but ya don't even have a boat.
All ya have is your old John Deere tractor and

Ole replied, "Yup, and they're boat for sale."

I thought I'd be able to wind this up tonight, but just reading about night and stories and going to bed makes me realize how early I have to get up in the morning to get into Reno for my oil change. I'm so sorry. I shall torment you with one more episode and then you will be spared.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Looks like a WONDerful time Sharon! Makes me want Dixon to hurry up :)

bspinner said...

Looks like you had a great time. I love my Golding spindle. They are next to me at NY Sheep and Wool and you've never meet nicer people. Tom is a very talented wood worker.

Laura said...

I love Sven and Ole jokes!! I can almost do the accent, too, which makes them funnier!

The MBT is really lucious, and spins up really cool - it's shiny and silky and has a bounce you can't believe!

Thanks for the plugs on Michelle's blog - I have more to dye for Shaniko in September!

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Looks like you've had a great time. You definitely NEED a Golding Spindle - they really are the best out there, I love mine!

Birdsong said...

Now I'm sorry I missed the Sven and Ole jokes! I am checking to see if there's anything interfering with your Virginia City time, and a wee bit disappointed we won't be able to roast Peeps there.

Kathy said...

ROFL!!!!! As kids, my brother and I actually knew a Sven and Ole - both - on the island where our mom was from. Loved the joke!
I need to join YOUR guild!!!! You guys do neat stuff! I would love to try a spindle camp like the one you described. :)
I've been trying cotton on a tahkli and have actually gotten to thread size! WooHoo!
Thanks for the post. I live vicariously through others since guilds never seem to work here in Flag. :(