Monday, May 02, 2011

Life is Good

First of all, I want to say that I contacted the artist and I ordered this print last night, which will come signed. I reasoned that I sold yarn last week and had disposable income. I would never remember how I spent that money but if I spend it on this print, I will never forget it, and I have $2 left to the good. I have a wonderful watercolor in the bedroom that I bought from the year I won the basketball pool. It cost considerably more to frame it. I suspect I'm doing to run into that here.
I have gone to ground, i.e., sitting on the sofa, so my activities are knitting and reading until the strain in my back improves. I made it worse because I wouldn't give in that first day, but finally this morning the swelling was down and Ian found the nerve lumps and worked them loose. OUCH. So I knitted this hat while sitting. I need to know anyway what yardage to use for crimpy yarns in hat kits. This is Targhee and it doesn't get much crimpier than that!
I cannot face knitting on a winter sweater so I turned my attention to making my yarn bombs. International Yarn Bomb day is just a month away - June 11th. I had targeted three trees but realize I can probably only do one very well and two pretty well.

I had checked out a book from the library a month ago on crocheted flowers - it was display in the new books area. I got the idea a couple of days ago of filling in between my yarn bombs with crocheted flowers. This was the simple flower - I can do simple. I used up a lot of yarn from my bag of handspun but moth eaten yarns. Then I got the idea of adding a button in the middle. The one on the bottom left is an Eddie Bauer button - pretty funny. I think the whole cast is going to be pretty funny.

Here's where my friend Linda Lu is coming from Washington for the Jennifer Moore weaving workshop and I won't be back online until next week. I'm not going to the workshop, but I get to hear her opening lecture and I get Linda - for a week! Life is good.

Ian and I watched Sweetgrass tonight on Netflix. It's a documentary about the last sheep drive, high into the Beartooth Mountains of Montana for summer pasture, and the end of a way of life as shepherds no longer have have access to public lands for grazing. We were fascinated to watch the drive and then the two men and their many dogs who stayed with the bands of sheep for the summer, deliberately moving thousands of sheep over mountainous terrain and keeping them safe from predators like bears - no small deal. I'm left with wondering what the next chapter will be for large flocks of American sheep, if there will be a next chapter for large flocks.


Marion B. said...

Oh Sharon, I'm so sorry to hear about your back. I know how much that can hurt! The print looks super and you have a point in using you money and knowing what you worked for :)
Hope you have a fantastic week with your friend around.

Evelyn said...

The hat is gorgeous, but it is too bad about your back. Looking forward to seeing the yarn bombings.

Valerie said...

Life must be pretty good if you can use that title while having back pain! "Life is good" is something my longtime hatha yoga teacher always said during class as part of coaching us to breathe.

The print is a great way to make a memory. If it's not a strange size, maybe you can find a pre-cut mat and frame at a craft store (Joann's, Michaels?...don't know what you have in Nevada)

AM Surprised that sitting, especially couch sitting, doesn't bother your back. Does taking a stroll help? Feel better soon.

Teri said...

I'm a tax accountant and every year after April 15th, I would by myself a present. Something I would normally not want to spend the money on. As I look at the items, I do remember what it took to earn the money to buy them. They are special items.

Kathy said...

Ooooo, back twinged in sympathy for yours. Be careful! We don't tend to "bounce", or even "bounce back" like we did when younger. ;) RR&H! (Rest, Relaxation & Heat!)
We saw Sweetgrass a while back when Lois was visiting. I have to say I was actually disappointed in it. I felt that sympathy for the last sheep drive was secondary to the rough treatment of the lambs at birthing as well as later on. Oh, I realize in big operations like that you can't baby the sheep as those with smaller flocks do, but throwing the lambs about was uncalled for.
Maybe I just feel a bit more respect for the sheep. (And I even put a few in the freezer!)
Take care of yourself!

Benita said...

Pretty flowers! Your yarn bombs are going to be lovely.

And I can't wait until I get paid this Friday so I can buy a hat kit. You are going to be my inspiration to finally try knitting something in fair isle.

I hope you back gets better and enjoy your week off. Jennifer Moore... I am green with envy.

Kim said...

Just dropped in to check on you.... ouch, sorry about your back.... hope it is leagues better by now. Your flowers are cute cute cute. I will think of you, yarn-bombing!

Birdsong said...

I hope your back is better by now! I am glad you are getting some yarn bomb time, and love all the flowers, but it is not good to be laid up like that! How are you doing otherwise? Miss you!