Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life is Good Deux

My rug warp arrived from Yarn Barn of Kansas. I was pleasantly surprised by their prices for UKI cotton and think that I might have just become a fan. In between everything last week I got a ten-yard warp wound and onto Miss Millie. It looks a little like a 50-50 ice cream bar, doncha think?
I added the orange stripes to recall the orange stitches on blue jeans. I took a couple of finished placemats to our knit group this afternoon and they hands down preferred the hit-and-miss mats to the denim. Groan. The denim is so much more work. I think when I finish with the denim I'm reweaving, I'll just only do hit and miss. If that's their opinion, that's probably what craft fair shoppers will think too.
I stopped by Lauren's classroom quickly today and though she wasn't there, one of her students was working independently and showed me her cardboard weaving. If you click for big you'll see that she has labeled her working parts. The shedding device is on the left, the heddle rod in center and the shuttle is along the bottom with what she has woven so far on the right. She was so excited to show me and carefully arranged everything so I could take this picture.
Today was week three of our CSA (com-
munity supported agri-
culture) baskets. There are several locations for pick-up but I choose St Mary's health center - we have a long history with St Mary's. DS Matt was born there, for one. I started to pull away when this sign caught my eye. Click for big.

I had only rolled a couple of feet when I saw this second sign on the other side of the parking garage entry. It was still a Catholic hospital when my oldest son was in for an extended hospitalization, and the sisters came to see him every day - that's hard to forget.
Each week the basket has gotten bigger. This is what I picked up today. We split a basket with neighbors Carol and Harry - one basket is supposed to feed a family of 4-5. Pick up doesn't start until 4:00 so don't get home until after 5:00, then I have to split the basket so Ian can deliver the other half. Plus, he loves the visit. It's a mixed blessing as I'm always in a hurry and I'm also excited as all get-out to see what we got this week.
While that may not look like a lot of food to you, it's dense and filling. It's getting harder to use everything in a week, which has taken me by surprise. We had salad with the nasturtiums tonight.

In the middle of everything, DS Josh Skyped from Oregon and I had a 45-minutes visit with him and grandson Logan. Ian was more than ready to eat after that. We'll spend the week with them after Black Sheep Gathering next month. I know I said last post that Life is Good but it really is!


Laura said...

I think your knitting group is right - the hit/miss mats are much more pleasing to they eye, and they fit more with the (don't hurt me) craft mentality of the purchaser.

I did a local csa for awhile - the portions were ok, but frankly, I thought it was too expensive. I haven't had my own garden since I've moved to Oregon, but I know I can grow that stuff for less! Guess I need to break out the drip hose (as soon as it stops raining and gets warm...).

Judy said...

That looks like fun! The Yarn Barn is a great place to buy weaving yarn, plus they can answer just about any question about weaving equipment. Enjoy yourself!