Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Best Laid Plans

I just couldn't bring myself to hang my yarn bombs today, three days early, so decided to just come into Reno very early Saturday morning before the craft fair. I finished my errands and helped Melissa move into her new place. This is the view from her living room and patio, overlooking Virginia Lake and the Sierras.

Allison offered to help move Melissa's loom - aren't fiber sisters awesome?! She had to work at JBW until early afternoon and then met us at the old upstairs apartment. Melissa moved to a three-story row house. We did more stairs today than one does on a stair-master in a gym session. They've just come from a tour 3rd floor tour. The weaving studio (office to anyone else) and garage are on the first floor, this living area is on the second floor and the two bedrooms and bathrooms are on the third floor. That's right. If you pull your car in the garage, all groceries go up one floor and you have to go up another floor to do your "business."
This is CSA basket pick-up day so I thought I'd remove the romantic notion that we get a Red Riding Hood-like basket of goodies. They come in these neat boxes.
I took a picture of this weeks produce because I wanted to make a point. We split this basket with Carol and Harry. For the first time in my life, I've come face to face with whole food through our weekly subscription. It is dense and it takes us the entire week to use our half of a basket. It's also sandy and requires contentious washing. It's also awesome - I'm so excited to participate with our farmers in this venture. These rains of late have been hard on them too.
I had to stop for a shot on my way home. The shoe tree is nekkid - not a shoe on it. Periodically it gets full and then someone comes and cleans it out. We have no idea who.

Ian delivered Carol and Harry's half basket and came home with this. Carol and Kerry made 13 more bird feeders on Sunday so he's bought this one in appreciation for wood a friend told him to collect from their yard. These are wonderful and they're going to be at my booth on Saturday, making me look good and cutting my booth fee by half. I sent the image to Melissa who has a local artisans shelf in her shop (with my soap) and she wants these. Oh, and she's going to help me hang my yarn bombs Saturday morning, so they get to be a part of International Yarn Bomb Day in proper order.


Theresa said...

Oh those squirrel swings, I mean feeders look great! ;)
Have fun bombing yarn on Sat and a bountiful booth at the fair!

Benita said...

I miss getting my CSA box, but my trips to the farmer's market about 5 minutes from my house makes up for it. Can't wait for the sweet corn to come into season here. With the lateness of the planting season around here, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll see some by July 4th. It's going to be stretching things a bit if we do, though.

Good luck at the fair!!

Dianne said...

I'm delighted to have just discovered your blog! Now to freshen up my coffee, so I can catch up on back posts! I'll have to check into a CSA around here...SW Oregon in the Callahan Mountains.

Kathy said...

Sharon, I'm a recently retired librarian, too, living on the other side of the Sierras from you, in Columbia, CA. You sound just as busy as I'm becoming (volunteering, weaving, spinning, knitting, etc.). Isn't retirement grand??