Friday, June 17, 2011

How Green Was My Valley

I drove over to Mim's today to get eggs. They only live three miles from us, but the south end of the valley is higher and has a higher water table. I thought the wild iris were too pretty not to share. Their house in high up on the right (you have to click for big) - that's their road and it's a bear in the winter. It's mid-70s right now and I'd love for it to stay that way.

Balsam root is also blooming at their end of the valley. I find it a little difficult to distinguish from Mule Ear - the difference is in the leaves and it's not as common. You can see it coloring whole areas of the hillside. The sheep love it so there's none in their pasture.
Mim noticed that this Lacewing Wyandotte was broody, sitting on golf balls meant to urge the hens to lay eggs - you can see an orange one inside the crate. She decided to see if she would accept these eight Araucana pullets and she has, so one of the days I'm going to open my carton of eggs and find some blue ones!
We were looking at this little guy, born a week ago. Will be grow up to be shaela? She's been hoping for some interesting color and is trying to introduce into in her flock. She has shaela in Limerick, one of her ewes, but so far she's not sharing.

This is the latest addition to her flock, born just this morning. It's the first time her guard dogs have been present at a birthing and they were perfect. She's thrilled as she sees her flock and dogs develop - she blogged about it here. I cheat and enjoy it through her.
I saw on Facebook that Birdsong said she was experi-
menting with rhubarb mordant so I went to her web page and read the whole report and I'm adding the link here. Mim and I were looking at her rhubarb today and plan to use it during our natural dye day in July. I'm excited to try it. We'll use propane burners outdoors so won't have the stink that Birdsong commented on.

Birdsong is one of those people I met through our blogs about five years and has become a real flesh-and-blood friend. I know they say blogs are going away, but if and when they do, they will have left me a whole lot richer.
I'm spinning with our dye day as my goal. This is Ollie from last year and now I'm spinning Mickey, a light oatmeal, and then I'll spin pure white Robby. I figure that with three values of fleece, I'll get three hues from every dye pot.

In answer to Cindy's question, the Nevada Bar is rosemary, sage and a hint of mint. It's meant for dry skin but I think it does smell like a Nevada. The name was originally a pun on the attorneys' test since we were working proximal to the law library, but that's gotten lost with time.


Michelle said...

Amazing how the valley can be so lush and green, with the arid hills so close!

I don't think blogs will go away. They are the perfect vehicle for those (like me) who enjoy wordcraft and not just "sound-bites," and some of us just like them (both our own and others) too much to walk away.

Ollie's yarn looks BLUE in that photo! I think it's a GREAT idea to use three values of yarn in every dye pot.

Theresa said...

Oh it does look so green, here too and not "crunchy" yet.
Adorable little lamb and your yarn looks wonderful as always. Who said blogs were going away????

Valerie said...

and I thought Nevada Bar was a take on the author Nevada Barr. Duh.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Blogs are going away???
I hope not because I've been steering clear of Facebook - too invasive for me.

Annie said...

Lovely wild flowers! So different from our flat countryside, which is very wet, these last few days.
Blogs going away?
That depends on us, I'd think: there is too much to show and too much to talk about, too many people to 'meet'. I just love blogs!
Besides: to me it's also a good way to keep a kind of 'diary'

Hilary said...

I would love to dye with does one do that???
And where are blogs going, I might ask?
I should know, so I won't be surprised at the trip.
I always love to enlarge your pics...they are always so stunning.

Evelyn said...

Looking forward to the rhubarb results. I tried both the roots and leaves last summer as a mordants and the yarns came out much darker than anticipated. I wonder if the soil it grows in has some effect.

Dianne said...

Oh, I don't think blogs are going away either. I'm thinking about publishing a book with the first three years worth (I'm sure only my kids will buy it but nevertheless). ;-)

I LOVE the blue yarn! I need to get my needles back out!