Friday, June 03, 2011

Craft Fair Eve

I took my soap in to the Artists Co-op this morning, signed the forms and now I'm an artist. I know I'm not, but it sure feels good to have my soap in this environment. I had asked the other day what qualified one to participate in the co-op and she asked me what "medium" I work in. Soap! And I laughed. I'm not laughing now, but I am smiling.
Another thing on my to-do list today was pick up another 50 gallon sack of sodium hydroxide. I have 100 pounds of soap oils but have run out of lye. I'm fortunate that Sierra Chemical is here or I don't know where I'd buy this stuff. This little bag is heavy - 50 pounds of heavy!

I finished tying fringe on the last placemats tonight and then they all had to be trimmed. I am SO SO thankful to LA for her comment on hemstitching. I cannot believe that never crossed my mind before. I did it for all my baby blankets and will absolutely do it for placemats in the future. My hands hurt from tying the fringe and it took about the same time as weaving the whole mat. Thank you LA, whoever you are!
This is the sum total of my offerings, minus one ginger snooperviser. The remaining six hat kits are in the bag, the hat samples are pretty much not showing, and there's the soap and placemats. I'm taking drop spindles since I think there are already going to be two spinning wheels. Now that I'm ready to go, my next strategy is to have fun.


re'New said...

Best part of your list is "have fun" :) The placemats are cute! I'm leaving myself shortly for a craft fair. Methinks I have a few more things than you packed LOL. My truck is full! Mostly display equipment, which is a bummer! I've always wanted to try the soap making thing~ as if I need one more thing to do, right?

Jody said...

Your soaps look amazing! Unfortunately I have to pay heavy shipping if I want soapmaking supplies.

LA said... are SO welcome! I'm one of the Tuesday Weavers here in East Tennessee, and we weave a LOT of placemats for the Center (and I weave a lot here at home, too.) Our blog is: Your placemats look fantastic! Do you make a "shampoo" soap?

Hilary said...

Good for you.....yes, have a good time.