Wednesday, June 01, 2011

My Life is Nuts and I Love It

We're excited that our friend Pete is spending a couple of days with us, bringing sunshine into a pretty sunless state. Ian and Petie went to junior college together and here we are - retired and still friends. This is when you know life is good. As you can see, Charlie LOVES Petie, who is a claw hammer banjo player and works for the Telluride Blueglass Festival. We spend a lot time listening to music, exchanging and downloading favorites.

Charlie had to deal with abandon-
ment issues when Petie went to bed. You're leaving me? Seriously?? I thought we had a thang.
Charlie is easily adaptable - apparently since he took over the place mats I was tying fringe on. I finished weaving these this morning before I left for town and my hair cut. I had promised Melissa I'd help her move from her apartment to her house today. However she was so sick, we managed one load and she took herself to urgent care.
I had two hours to kill before picking up our CSA basket. I spent one hour at Mill End Fabrics buying more $1 a yard cotton remnants for more rag rugs, but that left another hour. I had decided to just go to the pickup point and read my Kindle for an hour, but then I saw the Co-op art gallery and pulled in. Long story short, when I left an hour later, I am now a part as a soap artist, if there's such a thing. I have to write an "artist's statement."
Oddly enough, I had a bag of soap in the car that I was going to deliver on my way home to a potter friend, so was able to show it and was instantly accepted. That feels sooooo good. I love selling soap to Dale Pappas (the potter friend) because it means I get to work in a trade. I came home with this thing he calls a "mixer." It's what will keep me from spilling quiche batter all over the counter. I'll mix quiche in Dale's bowl and bake it Joe's pie plate. Hmm, yup. Life is good.


Evelyn said...

$1. per yard! that is fantastic - how nice to go wild with the rags. I love the pouring bowl, it reminds me of one my grandmother had but in an opaque green glass. And it was great for pouring out the pancake batter!

Melodye said...

Sharon, would you email me please? I'm interested in some soap. mbrayfivefouratcomcastdotnet. Thanks, Melodye

LA said...

My Mother would say you sure made good use of your time...and she would have been correct!!!! What a wonderful day. Congrats on the new vendor! (Cats are great helpers when you're working on fringes, btw!)

vlb5757 said...

Love the "mixer" bowl. Have you asked your potter friend if he can make knitting bowls to sell?

Benita said...

Don't you just love working with tools that were hand created by someone you know? That is totally awesome and I love the "mixer."

And congratulations on the soap deal! That is terrific!

Nina said...

Sounds like your day worked out well! The new bowl looks very useful and so very pretty too. Cats do like to get in and help, especially if there is something new to sit on! Congrats on the new soap selling venue.