Saturday, June 11, 2011

International Yarn Bomb Day

Melissa is installing the bombs on the first tree of the River Walk - we had selected three trees to bomb.
This is the finished tree.

I'm tying on the finishing flowers of the second tree.
This is the finished tree. If you click for big you see that the top one says Mom, but it's facing off to the left and I forgot to get an enlargement of it.
This is the third tree, also the largest. I realized that the strips I was knitting wouldn't fit around it but only had time to make this one before today. I think with the crocheted flowers that it is very effective - just wish I had taken the time to make more flowers. It took a surprising amount of time for each one.
Two teenage boys came along, quite loaded, but one was so curious that he struck up a conversation and ended up taking this picture of us. He asked if we had done all of them and then made a sweeping motion. Apparently there were many in the park. We had already seen a small one.
I didn't have time to look around - I had just enough time to scoot out to St. Michael's in Stead to set up our booth. That's a local joke. Someone says, I live in Stead, and someone else asks, Instead of where? This was a first year event with 30 booths, this is the one I shared with Carol and Kerry. We didn't do well but we had a great time. Homemade tamales were on sale for $1.00 and we each ended up eating three! When Carol knew that I was going to church tomorrow and went to place a order - I did too. I've never gone to Spanish mass, but I've always wanted to. Tomorrow is the day.
Afterwards I met DD Chris and Alexia for dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Stead. I had missed Alexia's dance at the studio recital, for I felt very sorry, but Chrissie said it was over in three minutes and ended with Alexia sobbing because of something that happened at the end. I got the best part of the deal. The girl in her gown. She does cute very well.

Oddly, when I pulled up to the house and opened the gate, the Mexican ranch just west of us was having a riding event and I could hear their Tex-Mex music all the way up to the gate. Ironic.


LA said...

LOVE the yarn bombs....and the flowers just add the finishing touch! The best part is that you look like you're having so much fun!

Benita said...

Yarn bombs away!!! They look awesome on the trees.

Nina said...

It sounds like a fabulous weekend! Your display looked great. Around here, craft show sales and attendance tend to be cyclical, thus there are few at any time other than Christmas. Is there perhaps some time when craft shows do better there?

Jodi said...

Looks like a lot of fun! You really keep busy, Sharon.

Laura said...

You the bomb (pun intended!!).

I can almost smell the soap!

Mim said...

I was hoping your last craft fair would be better. Guess the craft fair sales are best in fall with people getting ready for Christmas.