Monday, June 13, 2011

Soap of the Day

I made Juice Bar this morning, which is orange from carrot juice and scented with sweet orange and cinnamon essential oils. I'm so happy to have stumbled onto the fun of small batches. I'm going to make one more batch before vacation and then just enjoy the fruits of my labors for a while.
I took this picture of our woodpile last week, when we were still making fires. This is all pine that Ian brought out of the Sierras and it's a little green. You have to get your kindling going good before adding one of these and then you constantly have to put one on top of the burning one to dry out so it can become the next burning one. It's June for crying out loud!
It's been four days since it's rained or we've had a fire, but Sammy is so used to this being the coveted warm place to sleep, that she's still sleeping here. She trains well - really. She's such a good accidental dog to own.

Friends of ours in an older part of Reno lost several large trees in a recent storm. They hired someone to come in, clean up the mess and cut the trees into lengths, and instead of having them haul it away, they called us. Ian and Harry have been collecting the wood and splitting it between our houses. There's close to 3 cord and it's all hardwood. I share this story because there are good people - they just don't make it to the news page.
We're still in this cycle and I think the highest it's gotten here is 76. This morning I didn't have any direct sun for my caffeinated spinning time but I did have lots of birdsongs. I walked the dogs in short sleeves and was uncomfortable.

Carol and Harry and their housemate Kerry came over for potluck this evening. We shared our tamales and salads, plus I made Japanese Mexican rice. Carol wanted to eat on our front porch - it sounded like such a good idea yesterday when I dropped off their tamales. It was 71 this evening and we all had to wrap up. I'm starting to worry about camping on the Oregon coast next week.
The loss of the sun chased us indoors, but it sure is pretty when it goes down.


Laura said...

It will be in the high 60's on the coast - but mid-70's at BSG. Even in high summer, when it's almost 90 at my house, it's only 70 on the coast (and windy).

But, it's supposed to be sunny! YAY!

Benita said...

Sorry about your friends losing their trees, but what a boon for you!

It's actually pretty cool here - in the low's 70's. I'm just hoping the rain holds off long enough for me to mow this evening. Working outside in this weather is a pleasure.

Maggie said...

I've given two of your soaps this weekend as thank you gifts, and they were very well received and appreciated! Let me know when the juice bars are ready!

Nina said...

That Juice Bar looks wonderful. I hope you get summery weather soon. On Sunday we went for a walk and I'd wished I had mitts with me. The past few days have been in the mid 60's at best. I'd like it a tad warmer here too!

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Yum, that soap looks good enough to eat!

Evelyn said...

Your soaps looks luscious and must be a treat to use. Still coolish here and the tomato plants are kind of purplish looking out there, poor things.

Dianne said...

Lovely post and pics as usual. We've had 55 degrees to low sixties this week in Southern Oregon. We're 1 hour from the coast. A very chilly Spring. The soap looks wonderful! Do you have a link to purchase them? I'll have to look.

Started my new "farm" blog this week in preparation for getting goats in 1 week!


vlb5757 said...

Your soap sounds like a smoothie! I bet is smells really good!