Tuesday, June 07, 2011

First Day of Spring

I've finished spinning the first skeins from Sven, a Shetland wether and a gift from Kathy Lefevre at Sheep Thrills Farms in Flagstaff last year. His fleece is lovely and black, so I emailed her and reserved his fleece for next year. This years fleece is taken.
I also got the Cascade 220 yarn wound today for my trip knitting. We leave a week from Friday for the Pacific Northwest, a visit with my sister-in-law on the Columbia River, camping in Florence with Amy, Black Sheep Gathering and a week with DS and family in Bend. It's coming up so fast.
My new lavendar soap starting in its three-week cure cycle. I called the Soap Saloon in Sacramento yesterday to place an order - I've bought supplies from them for at least ten years. MJ the owner answered the phone and we ended up chatting for quite a while. I hung up with so many ideas.
I've decided to try a lemon bar next time so I asked Ian to get me some lemonade with pulp and some lemons. He didn't find lemonade with pulp so I made lemon zest with these and will juice them into the liquid. It might be a good idea. I might be a terrible idea. I'll let you know either way.
I had planned to install my yarn bombs on the River Walk Saturday for International Yarn Bomb Day, but now I've obligated myself for a craft fair. My in-town day is Wednesday so I've decided I'm just going to have to leave here early and put them up tomorrow. I should be able to get them up in an hour. I'm more worried about being challenged by authorities so am getting my lies, I mean my stories in order.

It was absolutely lovely today. We got up to 66.6 for a high and were finally able to open the windows and let the woodstove die down - our firewood is nearly depleted. The house got so warm that we still have a couple of windows open this evening. It's been a treat to hear the birds and breeze. It's not been a treat to have the Scotch broom suddenly in the house with attendant sneezing.

I thought you might enjoy a little humor from Lake Tahoe.


Maggie said...

At last, green in your photos!

LA said...

Beautiful photos!!!! Loved the video...it's so hard to believe some folks are still getting snow when it's been in the 90's here for 9 days straight!!!!

Benita said...

I think lemon soap would be awesome! The perfect wake up soap.

Dianne said...

Love your blog PLUS you do handmade soap?! Wonderful! And I love the video...great acting skills there.