Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Farewell to a Friend

I went over to my friend Linda's house yesterday after book club and lunch. She had a tree for our yard and I wanted to show her the backdoor to Blogger so she can blog her new adventure. After a lifetime of a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with her career as a CPA, she decided that as an empty nester, it was time to cut the ties. She's dumped the career and house and is headed to Washington to live with her boyfriend on a five-acre parcel next to his father's tree farm. They've talked about living the simple live for years and now they're going to do it. I had never in my dozen years of friendship seen Linda happier. She says her new operating system is OFF: Open, Flexible and Free.
Mike and his dad will be here with a U-Haul on Saturday, so what is Linda doing to get ready - besides packing? She's washing fleeces. She wants to get them all washed and dried before she lives on a septic system. She and I have roomed together at several fiber conferences and I know how motivated and focused she is. I think this shows the mark of a dedicated fiber lover.
This is the gorgeous spruce tree that we'll be adding to our yard. We already have a number of plants from her. She offered eight pots of Johnny Jump Ups, but they would just be rabbit food. We're getting ready to take it downstairs and strap it in my passenger seat. I've already been to Costco and bought two Oregon Grapes from the nursery so room is tight.
Last minute glitch - there are quails eggs here and it appears that they've nest in this tree on her balcony. The tree stays. She's not sure what's next but the tree stays. I love quail and hope this ends well for their little family.

For Black Sheep Gathering, Ian and I have reservations to camp at Lane County's new Armitage Campground. Mike and Linda will be going and want to camp too. I refused to say goodbye to her. I said, I'll see you later.


Michelle said...

What an amazing spot for a nest! Tell Linda if she wants some sweet Shetlands to grow fleece for her every year on that Washington acreage to give me a call - you have my number!

Life Looms Large said...

Fingers crossed for the quail!

I love that she's washing fleece during the last minute packing frenzy. (Or am I the only one who experiences packing frenzy?)

I'm sorry your friend is moving, even though it sounds like it will be great for her.

You commented on being surprised to see a casino in CT. In the 1970's, court cases paved the way for casinos on Indian reservations. Foxwoods is a big example of that in the northeast. Part of the money from Foxwoods went into creating the Pequot Museum.


Jody said...

How exciting for her..sometimes you have to just go for it. I packed up my 11 year old son and my siamese cat and moved to Holland to live with my boyfirend and his two kids (he's my DH now)!

bspinner said...

Good for your friend Linda!!!! To many of us sit around and wait for our dreams to come true and she's going to make her's do just that.


That's fantastic of her to go for it, life's too short to waste it on being unhappy. I know it's hard to lose a friend but think of it as gaining a new spot to visit!

Valerie said...

So glad for you friend that she can follow her dreams. But I sure wish this economy would stabilize, so people can stop waiting for the other shoe to drop.

beadlizard said...

Bittersweet! Best wishes for your friend and for the quail.

Benita said...

Well, I'm sad for you to be losing a friend - okay not losing her, but her moving away - but I am so thrilled for her!

Hopefully the eggs will hatch soon and the baby quail on their way. That is a lovely tree.

Leigh said...

"OFF." I love it! I'm looking forward to her adventures.