Monday, May 10, 2010

How I Spent My Basketball Winnings

These three prints above Ian's dresser (notice how I point out that the messy dresser is not mine) were from the subscription that his mother had with the Associated American Artists in Manhattan during the 1960s. These are numbered prints and the Benny Andrews right over his dresser has a certificate of authenticity on the back. The prints all came in these frames, and after I recently had knocked one from the wall and broke it to smithereens, I realized that none of them are in an archival preservation.
I had the print reframed at Michael's and what a difference the mat and frame make for this picture. It pops. This is what I spent my basketball pool winnings on - about $150 and worth every penny! Benita just asked me how it turned out and I realized that I had forgotten to show it off.

By the way, I've switched from receiving notification of blogs posted at Bloglines to Google Reader. I knew I missing some posts and I think that problem will be taken care of with Reader. Anyone else have any experience or problems with either of these?


Michelle said...

You call THAT a messy dresser? Oh my; you need to see MY husband's!

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

lol Michelle, thats what I was going to say!
I love the print Sharon, they did a great job with it. When I came home from Georgia, I had a suitcase and my son to show for 5 years of living there. In the suitcase I had stashed a 15$ framed print of the face of a leopard (my favorite animal). One of the kids bounced a bouncy ball and broke the glass in it years later. Had it reframed and it looks expensive now :) I guess if you consider how much I spent on the frame... it really does make a huge difference.

Valerie said...

ditto on the messy dresser comments!

The new mat and frame really enhances the print. Mats and frames are an art in themselves.

BTW...I had lots of trouble w/ bloglines and migrated to google reader a good while ago. Love it.

Leigh said...

I dunno. His dresser doesn't look that messy. Not compared to some other dressers I know! But anyway, hurray for art!