Sunday, May 09, 2010

Some Kind of Day

Since retirement, I don't have to race through the 8:00 Mass on my way to work anymore, and now have come to sit behind a Nigerian family at the 9:30 Mass. I've of the opinion that pew selection isn't much different than classroom desk selection - we kinda pick our place and stick to it. Today the ladies came in Nigerian dress in celebration of Mother's Day. I was smitten and could hardly keep my eyes off of them. I was also embarrassed because they really are a lovely family, but oh my goodness, they were gorgeous. And I wish I could have had the nerve to ask them permission to shoot pictures of the cloth. It's also Nigerian - I asked. I wish I had the nerve to ask permission to shoot their beaded hair ornaments. Mother and daughter. They are so beautiful and they make me smile. I asked them if it were okay if I shared this picture with you.
I'm still addicted to Noro socks and this my current pair - I knitted on them while we watched the Tivoed SNL Mother's Day special tonight. It's like a plastic Easter egg. You never know what's on the inside. The skein on the right doesn't reflect to project on the left. The socks end up looking and feeling great and they're warm.
Charlie has my spinning seat and I have to agree. It's time to put the day to rest - it was a wonderful Mother's Day, starting with the text message with youngest son last night, to a visit from DD Christina and Alexia today, to the Skype visit with my Oregon son and family this afternoon. Skype has opened up a new window. Josh took me on a tour of the house, a little dizzying, and grandson Evan simulated deep-picking his nose, in between pirate faces.

I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday as well. We have a fire in the woodstove and the wind is howling. I think it wants to erase our house and us. I really don't know how the sheep and llamas deal with it. As for us, it's just another day in the high desert - not complaining.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Had a good day too, after we decided to blow of the shearer that had kept me waiting for two days... I went fishing! I will just have to shear my own sheep.

Michelle said...

We watched the beginning of SNL because of the host -- and then had to turn it off as it got increasingly trashy. We must be in the minority; such smut has no appeal -- much less humor -- to us!

Benita said...

Those are beautiful dresses on those ladies and such lovely smiles!

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Robin said...

I made a shawl with Noro Kuryeon Sock Yarn and said I couldn't imagine making socks out of it. It was sewing thread thin in spots. However, when I washed the shawl, the yarn kind of puffed up. How does the yarn wear for socks? It was kind of a grabby / sticky yarn for a shawl. Love the Nuno felting. Very pretty.

vlb5757 said...

Lovely outfits on the ladies from church. So colorful. How did you see around their head attire? I have never used Noro sock yarn. I had heard it was a bit stiff until it was washed. Is that true? I love the colors you have started to knit. We are cold here right now and I still get a few more days out of my wool socks. Yippee!

Leigh said...

Charlie looks so cute. I still always smile at your blog header every time I come to visit.

I have to confess that I've never knit with Noro(!) I do admire it tremendously however.

I admire the national dress of your Nigerian acquaintances too.