Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still Not a Rug

After several email exchanges yesterday, I ended up talking to Hilary last night. She was confused by my long warp floats, but one in particular was begging trouble. Do you see the error? There's an area where the warp floats over five wefts. She felt that once removed from the warp tension, this would buckle up and be a trip hazard.

I work up this morning, knowing that she was right. It didn't take long to pull out the weft to that point, and while I was at it, I removed everything, even the header. I had used a single shot of the 8/4 cotton for the header. She said she preferred two shots of the 8/4 cotton warp yarn, and she's made a convert here. What a difference it made. I knew the other would draw in and I was miserable. I am very pleased though I can't show you because I forgot to take a picture.
I've opted out of fringe and am hemming instead. I've read several places that knotted fringe wears terribly, and within a short time, there's no fringe at all. I know this to be true since our Mexican rug lost quite a bit of its fringe in one year on the floor. One day I came into my studio to find that Ian had thumb-tacked it to the wall.

I have a shuttle that holds two bobbins so trotted over the guest room to get it from that weaving bench and found this interloper on my drying Shetland locks. Note to self - bag locks when cat awakes.
I woefully under-
estimated the strips I would need, so instead of finishing today with a rug, I finished today with sewing more strips. I'd love to get enough out of this warp for a runner behind the sofa.

Exsqueeze me. Am I bothering you? You are bothering me!
Here's where I am now and I think I have another yard of warp left yet. You weavers who keep records, I wish I were you because then I'd know where I am. Even so, I cannot begin to tell you how much fun this project has been, in spite of ripping out to the beginning and all my angst. I'm so happy that we need at least five more rugs in our house.
I sewed strips while I waited for quiche to bake and I wound them into balls while we watched a tivoed session of Treme tonight (HBO).

I'm leaving in the morning for a camping spindle retreat and the quiche is for the potluck tomorrow night. We're sure to get rained on. I have lists and piles everywhere. I'm meeting our guild president Virva in Truckee, and Diane Soucy is hosting my car for the weekend. If I forget something, I'm outta luck. It's a weird feeling to have no car and no computer. Retreat.


marion said...

The rug looks great (again hihi) and I'm sure you won't have time to miss your computer or car ;-)

Purple Fuzzy mittens said...

I'm bringing my computer, but it is unlikely it will connect to any network (probably the part you would want). If you are desperate there is always the iPhone. (And no, I do know how to retreat. The computer is to play with pictures and maybe watch an episode or two of Doctor Who, should it decide to rain all weekend.) See you there!!

Leigh said...

Go Charlie! *LOL

Sharon, even with your problems you put me to shame with your rug. I started plans for a rag rug but can't even seem to get my rags cut and balled!

Lee said...

Don't you think all of the ripping and angst makes the fun that much better? Like you really *earned* it.

How are you liking "Treme"? We're really enjoying it and I myself am really glad that Steve Zahn finally has an acting job that is equal to his considerable charm.

Benita said...

Are you weaving the rug on a normal loom? Are you having any troubles beating the weft in?

Have fun this weekend - and stay dry?

Anonymous said...

I read your earlier posts about some of the spinning retreats - what a great time you must all have!


I love the rag rug, it look great!

vlb5757 said...

Enjoy the vacation away from technology. I think I am going to freak out when it happens and then I take not time to adjust. The rest of us will be waiting when you plug in again! Have a great time. Love the rug.

Theresa said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time! The rug looks great BTW, wise to undo. Such a neat job making those fabric balls!

Jenny Bellairs said...

Sharon, I'm not sure what happened with your rug, to get the floats. Did you figure it out? If not, I posted a rag rug tutorial on my blog. Check out my techniques at:
I like your "rags". I just started weaving my rug warp yesterday, and am also still preparing my strips. Not my favorite part!