Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Knitting - Again

I thought I'd wind this sweater up and get onto swatching the wool/silk that I got from Theresa. I had tried it on once before and just didn't realize that it was ginormous. I took it off the circular needle this time because I couldn't tell if it was long enough. That's when I noticed that it fit like a maternity garment. I don't know why I chose the 48" size but have ripped it back to a smaller size, put the sleeves on holders and that's where it's going to stay for now. I've decided this will be perfect trip knitting when we got to Oregon next month.
I've finished the first sock from this skein of Noro sock yarn. I just get the biggest kick out of how the colors develop. It's always a surprise - very fun.
This is a perennial wildflower that comes back every year on our place. It's called Brown's peony and is the only peony native to the western United States. It's not showy at all and if you're not looking for it, you would miss it. The blossom hangs down and you have to lift it to see its face, which looks rather like a cut fig. There's an interesting very short minute video here on YouTube.

And more about where I live - my book club neighbor Sandy sent me this today. It's a slide show of the Sand Hills with a music accompaniment. Follow the instructions and open two tabs - the music is a perfect accompaniment for the wonderful pictures. This is the area that the cattle from my earlier post are now grazing.


Anonymous said...

You sure do accomplish lots. Love the socks. I haven't tried that yarn on the sock machine, but have read that it is possible. That wild peony is beautiful. It does look like a fig, also similar to a helebore at first glance.

Valerie said...

my goodness, you must be in constant motion! Can see what you mean about the sweater....hate when that happens (and it happens more than I would like). The socks are fun! Can't believe I'm still wearing wool socks in the last half of May, but my feet are cold in the evenings.

Sharon said...

Actually, I've been knitting on that sweater for six months. It's not very interesting which is why I haven't blogged it. I'm really frustrated with me not paying better attention to the gauge and size. Mind over matter doesn't work!

Leigh said...

I love the sock! Are these for you?

Interesting about Brown's peony. Actually I know nothing about western flora and fauna. I always get the books for east of the Mississippi.