Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's the Weekend

I started taking off-loom seed beading classes about ten years ago, before I had floor looms, and I drove to Mound House, Nevada for lessons. That was too far to drive after we moved out here, and I looked for other teachers. I had just found a teacher, when she got pregnant and bowed out of lessons. I have read the magazines and tried to learn from them - not so good.
I recently found a bead shop not too far from me that teaches seed beading. I had inquired at a couple other shops in town and they wanted to teach me to string beads. I want to weave them. My station here I realize is unimpressive - sorry. This is my second class and we're learning how to do free-form peyote. I have literally waited years for this class.

This is the bracelet that I completed, and while I realize it doesn't look like one since the button and loop are missing, I am thrilled. It was hard to break away from linear construction.

I have feeling that bead weaving will take a front seat to loom weaving as the weather improves. It's hard to stay indoors when the sun is outdoors.
Think of it. This is all the space that off-loom bead weaving requires. All my equipment in in the Sterlite box and the tray on the right is where I work on my lap.
I was bleary-
eyed for beading class as I didn't get home from Kiernan's Little League game until 10:00. That's a different kind of Friday night date! This is the back side Little League - the siblings.
I have to wonder what they do to keep themselves busy and interested, and yet stay within our required area. Alexia is getting information from Baily, a 4-year-old blue-eyed jabber box. Her preschool teacher is one of the attendees. Bailey tells me all of this and also inquires about my eye color.
It warms my heart that in dark and cold, this cluster of girls are having the times of their lives. It's quite the job to watch the game and watch the girl. Daddy is coaching, Mom is teaching and i kinda like my job.


Marion B. said...

love your bracelat and the girls are adorable.

Leigh said...

I would never have the patience to work with seed beads. Too tiny! That's why I don't tat or knit lace either. Too tiny! But that's just makes me appreciate what others do all the more.

Carolyn Jean Thompson said...

Very pretty bracelet - I love the leaf dangly beads!

Benita said...

Watching children play is so interesting. Sometimes they surprise you with something well-thought-out and wise, other times they leave you hiding a smile and shaking your head. Yes, you had the best job.

Lovely bracelet!

How's the ol' garden doing?