Monday, February 01, 2010

Don't Weave Me Alone

I was surprised today that Eddie joined me in the studio. This is a first for him. Ian and I were talking this morning, realizing that Eddie is just this year starting to show signs of becoming an older dog. Checking the records, I see that he's about nine now. He was a rescue and adores Ian. I was honored to have him join me. This was new.

My frequent companion of course is Charlie. You never know with cats - does he come for the sun or for me? His tiny self recently began to be a bony self. We joked he was Bony Prince Charlie, but because he's a calicivirus carrier, I started to fret that perhaps the virus had become active. We decided to try outdoor food on him for a while. He's gaining weight and becoming more energetic, to the dogs' dismay. It appears we may have been starving Charlie on indoor formula food!
And then there was another thumping of feet on the stairs; Sammie had decided to accom-
pany me, which she does from time to time. I'm trying to develop a studio schedule and apparently the animals are trying to develop one too. My studio is the size of a postage stamp, so large dogs and looms leave SRO.

Ian and I left the studio open to the great room, or I'm sure it would feel penned in to me, though as I look at this picture, I can see things that should have gone into the trash. Cleaning is not on a fun par with weaving.

Not to be left out, scrappy Buster came up for the "action." With no space left, he adopted a berth on the balcony. They must have been bored. Not me. I was listening to podcasts, finishing the warp, chomping at the bit to see what I had put together for the next set of towels.
They are solid warp strips and variegated weft, but the weft isn't as variegated as I would have liked. I'm already thinking about what I want to do for the second towel. Three will be twill and one will be tabby.


Benita said...

Oh, my! I adore that towel!!!

I always loved it when Neil would join me for a nap while I wove. I think he liked the rhythm.

Valerie said...

Your animals in the studio remind me of Jan Brett's book The Mitten
(The Mitten...not sure how that link will come through)

I admire your tenacity at getting to the studio for a set time each day. Such discipline eludes me.

(oh, the answer is in my verification word: unsit)

Carolyn said...

Very cute how all the animals decided to join you. Your studio sounds like mine - only mine is the kitchen table, or the kitchen sink, or in front of the fireplace. Where ever it is at the moment, it is in the way. It is amazing I get anything done at all!

Leigh said...

Aw, good for Eddie. Charlie, of course has to be there, he's your yarn snooperviosr after all. Looks like you're being really productive on the weaving front, good for you!

Life Looms Large said...

You were a good influence on me today from afar! I went to my studio and it was so messy I cleaned up for 12 minutes. And that 12 minutes made a it's just a regular level of messy instead of a "I can't move" level of messy.

Funny to have SRO in your studio!!! Eddie is a very cool-looking dog. I'm not sure I've seen a photo that shows his fur as well before.

Great colors in your towels!!

A weaving schedule is great....helps me be productive. But I've already decided that over the summer I get to just do whatever I feel moved to do, even if that means no weaving happens. Summer is far away though!


Jenny Bellairs said...

The towel is looking good. Looks familiar! Have fun playing with the treadlings.