Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Room with a View

I'm using the temples I ordered to see if they will help improve my selvedges. It finally occurred to me that I need to take them off before I release the tension so they don't drag the warp down to my lap - common sense. One day I'm going to finish a whole project, not have one crisis and actually feel in control. I wonder what that will be like.

This is my wider temple and it's made of some sort of metal. I'm comfort-
able using them, but I'm beginning to wonder if they're a security blanket. I wove the first baby blanket without one and the second one with. Both ended up being the same width and the selvedges are pretty even. I found it much easier to get an even selvedge on the wider warp.
The natural light and the view in this room are absolutely wonderful. The down side is that I have sun damage on the back side of my loom. It absolutely spoils me for wanting to weave on Goldie in the guest room with its north-facing window. What a difference the new studio is - I love being in it. And oddly enough, all my beads are in a clear Sterlite box and I ended up fiddling with earrings again yesterday. I kept the beading table way too long, thinking I'd never do beads again if I took it out - so odd.
I watched video clips on Laura Frey's blog, showing how she coached a woman to weave more effectively. I'm trying to implement the rocking motion that she shows. It was a bit foreign at first, but I've found that it relieves the strain on my lower back and allows me to weave comfortably for longer. The blue yarn for the second baby blanket came on Friday. I wove the blanket before the Superbowl on Sunday, then finished the hem stitching during commercials. Yeah, I know. The commercials are the best part. Anyway, these are they.
This is Rowdy's blanket. The shower is this Thursday and it's already wrapped and ready to go. I warped for M and W twill and treadled for the same. The twill pattern doesn't show as color but it does show as texture.
This Taryn's blanket. I didn't know we were getting a girl when I warped up so went safe with all-baby colors. It's the same threading but I just treadled for a zig-zag twill, or whatever it's called. What is it called? 4,3,2,1,2,3,4? This is 5/2 mercerized cotton, 33" in the reed and 40" long. I am absolutely thrilled. Note to self - measure and cut the fringe at desired length while still under tension.


LA said...

Those blankets are "to die for!" They look so soft & cuddly. Great colors, too!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful baby blankets!!!!!

Life Looms Large said...

Interesting to hear your comments about temples. I have one that I picked up on the guild yarn table, but I'm too lazy to want to change something that often when I weave. I'm sure there will be a project where I'll need it though. My local group of weaving buddies doesn't use temples ever.

Your baby blankets are so beautiful! What nice gifts!! I wish I could reach through the screen and touch them!!


Theresa said...

Temples are like any tool, nice to have when you need them. I certainly wouldn't look at them as a crutch. Why?
The blankets are beautiful, snuggly and soft looking.
You do have wonderful light in there and it is a to live for view.

vlb5757 said...

Just beautiful! I love to see all the things that weavers make. Does the size of the loom limit how large a piece you can weave? I know nothing about weaving except for those lovely little potholders I made as a child! lol! For my credit card's sake I have to stitck to knitting!


The blankets are so lovely. The video was amazing to see the progress as she go faster and hit her stride.

bspinner said...


Your blankets are both lovely!!!!

You sure do have a nice sunny room to weave in.

Benita said...

Very sweet blankets - the babies will enjoy them.

Too bad about the Colts, eh?

Lovely view out the window - look! More snow!

Robin said...

What nice gifts! I love the look and feel of a woven blanket. Love the room! You're right -- great view!

beadlizard said...

The blankets are perfect.

I know I overheard a conversation at guild decades ago about using a temple with a slippery warp -- rayon maybe? There are situations where a temple truly saves the day. If I were you, I'd get used to using one on easier warps first, then when you have a troublesome warp you'll be comfortable with the tool.

Try playing dance music (Santana?) to get your body to flex and relax while weaving. I had a piano teacher who was a fan of moving on the bench and I could never quite get it after so many years with sit-still!!! teachers.

Tina T-P said...

Oh, those are just beautiful blankets - what lucky babies! T.

Annie said...

Beautiful blankets!
And although English isn't my native language: an answer to your question on zigzag twill: point twill?