Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fun Surprise

After the kids left yesterday morning, I felt like I needed some zen quiet time and headed up to my tamed warp to throw the shuttle. It was at this point I was arrested. Can you see the skipped dent, just a little to the left of center? I didn't like the color anyway, so ripped it out, unlashed, resleyed, and relashed.
I switched to a more subtle butter yellow for the first towel and now onto the second towel, a pea green. It's one of my favorite colors. I realized when I saw them together though that they were the colors of my wedding, way back in the dark ages. Either I'm stuck in the past, these colors have come full circle, or I'm a color dork. I'm signed up for a two-day color theory class in April. I think this demonstrates just how very much I need that class. Color me timid. Is that a color?
I usually wake up at 7:00, but this morning the bed hung onto to me for an extra hour. I crawled out, loggie-eyed, pulled on my clothes, made up the bed and stumbled into the kitchen for a cup of that magic juice called coffee, to find a box on the counter. Only a serious blogger would take a picture before pouring the first cup of java.

The return address is from Theresa. I shook out the contents of the box onto the counter. At this point, I had been awake 15 minutes and I'm looking at 22 skeins of wool/silk yarn. The logical thing would have been to look at her blog for clues, but I wasn't logical and emailed her. Was I buying this yarn? No. I had WON this yarn in the drawing for her blogiversary. The stipulation is that I must do something for the animal charity of my choice. That's easy - SPCA. That's where we got Charlie and our two cats before him. I've decided to print a photo of him that I use as my header and take it in when I make my contribution.

About three months after we adopted him, I emailed a photo to his SPCA foster mother. She replied that she always knew she should keep before and after pictures, but he was one of the most dramatic turn-arounds she had seen. Someone had found him on top of a tire in the wheel well of a truck, mewling, crusted in crud and oil and starving. That might explain how he holds his own now with three large dogs.
Meanwhile, I have at two least sweaters worth of wool/silk yarn to ponder on. I've shuffled the colors and I am pondering. It's on the dining room table - too cold to eat in there, too far from the wood stove. I get to walk by, stroke it and let it talk to me. This is most fun surprise I can remember!!!!


Tina T-P said...

Wow! What a haul - I can't wait to see what you'll make with it all!

Loved your sky pictures in your colors of February :-) T.

LA said...

Your weaving looks beautiful! Now, you've got some more yarn to play with....lucky YOU!

Jody said...

What a great yarn(s) to win. I luv Silky Wool. The colours are beautiful.

Laura said...

You are so NOT a color dork. I love the combinations you come up with in your dye days (boy do I miss begin a part of those!).

Even though I can claim a modicum of color proficiency, I bought "Color by Kristen" and it arrived yesterday. She has a very, um, unusual color sense. She puts together things that I would think would be totally hideous, but it really works. I think part of the attraction for me is that they are bright, bright, bright. After the last 4-5 months of gray, gray, a little sun, and more gray, bright is becoming an obsession!

I know you'll let everyone know how the class goes - looking forward to it!

vlb5757 said...

So now I have a non-weaving person question. How do you separate the towels if they are woven together? I hope that you show a post about how to do that. I don't weave so I am very curious as to how you do that.

beadlizard said...

After the class you'll be able to explain to us why you are NOT a color dork.

Can you post the old photos of Charlie?

Michelle said...

I think each of us has our own personal color range that looks good on us and makes us FEEL good, and I don't think that range changes much over the years. Oh, we may sway from one end of the range to the other over time, or go for more or less intense versions of a color, but it's still the same color range. I think your choices then and now reflect that, and it's wonderful! One of my best Oregon friends is "Fall;" yellow is her very favorite color. When we used to have time to shop together, we could pick out the colors the other would love -- and invariably couldn't stomach them ourselves. :-)

Life Looms Large said...

Hmmmm.....I think I'm reading your blog out of order! Sorry about that!

I did get my dyeing sorted out today (or at least I think I did!) Thanks for your quick response!

That is a great yarn haul you got! Plus it's great that you got your yarn post up so quickly!! I also was a lucky winner and haven't had good light for a yarn picture since it arrived. (Very gray and rainy here).

22 skeins....you could weave with it you know!! (Although you're a knitting genius, so I'm sure you've got a bazillion ideas for it.)

Color is funny. I like different colors to wear versus the colors of my house. But it is weird how we all do have our own color sense.