Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympics Knitting

Ian came home yesterday morning from picking up the mail and there was a package for me. For moi?? I had spaced winning a treat from Tina, and not only was it a Valentines treat, she had included some of my favorite cookie - Mexican Wedding cookies. I never make them. By the time I thought to take this picture, I had eaten into the cookie population and tonight the cookies are gone. I don't eat cookies, except them. Thanks Tina! And thanks for not sending three dozen!!
My Olympics knitting sweater has been moving along swim-
mingly, until last night when I went upstairs for another ball and realized that I was running perilously low. Red flags went up - I'm going through the yarn too quickly. This morning I took it off the needle and tried it on. It fit swimmingly, as in, I was swimming in it. It's huge! It would fit Ian.

I wanted to pull it all out at one time becaue I didn't want to have to come back to it. How long does it take to turn a half of a sweater back into balls? As long as it takes to do one load of laundry. I put the clothes in the drier and took the dogs for a walk - a long walk. I've remeasured and recalculated and the reincarnation is already back on needles.
I'm disap-
pointed, of course, but especially because I was licking my lips to start a sweater from my new gold yarn. I'm no longer storing a half bag of fleece. Instead, I get to anticipate knitting this. It's pleasantly soft and notice the color of the dye on the white wool that I used as ties. Colored wool overdyes great!


Michelle said...

Oh my; "your" colors are not "my" colors!

Maggie said...

I was knitting a scarf that turned out WAAAAYY to wide, unless it's for a giraffe! I had to start over, too! Are you going to use the gold sweater for the olympics, then? I'm still planning on squeezing in a hat! Let's go knit!

Valerie said...

Hmmm....puts a whole new meaning to go for the gold!!

Lee said...

That gold is *gorgeous*!

Also, Mexican Wedding Cakes...YUM.. Now I need to go home and make some.

Laura said...

So, from the top down this time? I love the colors, even though I can't wear gold of any hue - makes me look jaundiced.

I'll have to remember the cookies - my sister makes loads of them every Christmas. I love them too, and hardly ever make them.

Happy knitting!!

Life Looms Large said...

Bummer about the swimming sweater! Good for you for frogging and just getting that over with.

I have a hooded zip sweater that I wear all the time when I'm home in a very similar gold. I don't look great in gold, but it kind of works for me and I love how warm my gold cardie is!! Hope you love yours even more!