Monday, February 22, 2010

In Conclusion

Yesterday after a dramatic 18" snowfall, the storm moved east and left us a lovely sunset. This morning, our kids had another new first experience. We woke up to 5 degrees. I rustled up some grub while they packed, and by the time we ate, the roads were improved. Ian drove ahead of them to the highway and they fled for San Francisco.

This is Little Sharon's current project. She is knitting for a school auction benefit. (Noah attends Waldorf School where knitting is part of the curriculum. Also, children are prohibited from watching television so they don't own one.) My mother taught both of us Sharons to knit and I know she would be thrilled to see these.

I said, I didn't know you could crochet, and she laughed - I didn't know I could either. She brought several books to show me more of the artistic things that she and other moms are knitting, including an entire garden with people. She has an art degree and it shows.
I did get that lost white warp onto the front beam while Noah was sledding. This time I lashed it. Linda insisted it's the only way so I thought, why not. I was impressed by how much less loom waste there is. I'm just happy to have it tamed.

SIL Michael is a computer programmer. I asked him for tips on Photoshop Elements and he gave me a wonderful one-on-one mini workshop. I now can reasonably repair photos and I have an understanding where to go to fix problems. (I also have a book.) We sat side by side on the sofa with our laptops and he showed me great fun things.

I've played with it already but I'm anxious to get into the elements he showed me that I didn't even know exist. I took photograpy classes years ago and used a darkroom. He showed me how to make Elements be my digital darkroom. It's been an astounding weekend. I am exhilarated and drained.


beadlizard said...

Glad you healed/tamed that warp. I like lashing.

Benita said...

18" of snow... Weren't you just sitting out barefooted just a week before? And I thought Indiana had some strange weather fluctuations!!

Robin said...

Love those veggies!

Michelle said...

I need your SIL! And VERY cool market bag. Brian is looking over my shoulder and asked if I could make him that, or if that one is for sale.