Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Face the Mess

My post yesterday made me face the fact that my studio is a mess. I complained about how small it is after seeing other studios, but the fact is - it's a mess. I haven't sat at my beading table since I began weaving.

The magazines across the back end up being a Charlie nest. I need a bookcase, or something like that. I looked for one when we were thrifting and realized that everyone wants a bookcase. I priced a new one. Ouch.
The idea was just fermenting throughout the day, when suddenly I realized that I might have the solution right in the room. I had purchased these wire cubicles after Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. A number of the vendors were using them and they are pretty affordable at Costco. I really to do something. I am having a hard time finding things or even knowing what I have.
I had voiced my wish to own a copy of Marguerite Davison's weaving pattern book on Valerie's blog. Lee saw it and emailed me that she had two copies and would send me one of them. Last week, I finally had to clean up books and magazines and put some things away. I found that I had both editions of the book. The second came with Goldie and the first is a deaccessioned library book that Ian scored for me.
Today, I received a package from Lee as promised. I had emailed her when I found my own copy and told her the situation. She said to pass it on, so I'm passing it on to my new weaving friend Jeanne. I told her that's it's coming and she's excited. Fiber people are the best people, aren't we?!


Tuesday Weavers said...

Networking is the way to go! And, I think weavers do a great job! Those wire cubbies will come in handy...Costco, did you say???

beadlizard said...

Wire bins are safer in an earthquake, too. Good solution!

Life Looms Large said...

I realized last night that my studio is a total mess too!! Projects on the way to being on both looms, and then a new project preempting everything mean that it's yarn-covered chaos up there.

Perhaps today you'll inspire me to restore order a bit!


Leigh said...

Fiber folks are the best! But about the mess, I claim the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, that things always progress from order to disorder. The mess just can't be helped.

Lee said...

I'm very glad someone can make use of the book -- it is a great one.

My studio is at least that bad. I clean it and it is a disaster minutes later.

Annie said...

Why do we weavers (spinners, knitters, dyers) want every book on the subject? Just to have it! Because you can't have used your copies much or you would have known you had them... It happens to me, too. And together with magazines and stash it makes my studio also a ... yes: I admit: a mess.
I like your wire bins.

bspinner said...

Fiber follks are great!!!! I have never met one I didn't like.

Wire cubbies for shelving is sure a good idea. Thanks for passing it along.

Theresa said...

Don't forget you can put shelves up too. I find getting stuff off the floor REALLY helps me stay focused, organized and happy. I bet you could attach a second set of wire shelves above the first on the wall and use the full height of the room.
I use the Davison book a lot and how nice to pass on the not needed extra copy to a new weaver.

Kathy said...

As a matter of fact, cleaning up the guest/sewing/fiber room is on my list today. I have just stacked things these past few weeks and can't find a darned thing. I wish I had a room devoted just for the fiber-stuff. The little bookcase I found in my dad's stuff after he passed is just overflowing with books and magazines. One thing I'm going to start doing is actually READ the WHOLE magazines before stacking them!