Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ah yes, the trip knitting

I didn't get the trip knitting done that I usually do. I had decided ahead of time that I'd use a ten-stitch repeat called Fishtail that I found in a lace book. It seemed reasonable for a 60-stitch sock. I cast on and had the sock underway in time for our return flight. The trip takes all day so I was prepared with books and knitting. Somewhere midcontinent, I realized I was just about to the point of my toe. I measured on my leg and couldn't believe my eyes. The sock was torqued off to the left. I pulled out the needles and smoothed it on my leg. The sock is definitely twisting to the left. I hadn't been paying any attention at all, just knitting at different points in the travel. I thought about pulling it back to the heel and continuing the pattern as a twist as though it was intentional, but I think the bumps in the pattern would be uncomfortable to walk on.
I don't know if this image helps you see any better - the stockinette is partway on the sole and partway on the instep. I didn't give this pattern a second thought when I chose it. I guess I should do that in the future. And I have no idea why I'm obsessing on these socks when I have two sweaters in progress from handspun. I guess I don't like to be flummoxed. Isn't that a great word?? I frogged it.
I've knit four pairs of socks from Noro sock yarn and I know this because I'm making these socks from four remainder balls. I thought since the colors are so crazy that I could just knit them up and they'd kinda go together. They're not cooperating. I've decided to finish the project and then overdye them with something that will unify the colors. I was thinking blue in the beginning but now I'm leaning more toward a raspberry. I guess I'll have a better idea when I actually have two socks.

I'm a little stunned at the attention Nevada has gained in the National limelight with the Senate race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle. The latest New Yorker even had an article. One wonders how objective a candidate can be when suddenly her whole party pours funds into her campaign, as well as the Koch brothers and Karl Rove. With the report of neck-and-neck results in the polls, I've come to the conclusion that the general population in his state doesn't read. One of the campaign voice mails that I had to delete when we got home was from a man urging us to take back control of our state from big money in Washington. He urged us to vote for Sharron Angle and in the course of the message said Na-vaugh-duh at least eight times, something no Nevadan would ever do. It clearly identified him as an outsider, and yet the polls, well, the polls frankly depress me. I don't understand why Nevadans would concede Harry Reid's position of power in the Senate for a community college art teacher cum politician, whose state legislative record is abysmal. If only Nevadans would read.


Marion B. said...

Don't you just love Noro colours. I know I do. So that is why I'm knitting with Drops Delight hihi.
It's much softer and it is a present for someone who wouldn't like the Noro because it's not soft enough.
Your socks are super and I wouldn't mind the difference in colour I think that's what it is about, Noro.

Hilary said...

I can't even stand to listen to the political ads, or give any of it any serious attention anymore. The candidates in New York are ludicrous.
Love your socks.

Valerie said...

That's a lot of knitting for such a busy trip. Sorry about the of those argh!! moments. you've gotten voicemails too!? It seems to have slowed down a bit for us. One of the calls was an actual person from the NRC, and I asked to be taken off their call list because it felt like we were being harassed by Republicans. She verified our phone number and that we wished to be removed from the call list, but not without sounding a bit threatening in the process.

A democratic republic is a precarious thing! Not only must one read, but one must read critically. Sadly, people tend to consume media that reinforces their opinions rather than challenges them.

Anonymous said...

The yarn colours are wonderful and I love the pattern. Isn't Noro a single? Would it skew because of that also? Our b-days must be close, but mine isn't until the first week of Nov. - it was a really early gift!

Laura said...

I'm amazed too, about the senate race. There's a lot riding on the outcome...

The reason your sock skewed is that noro is a single (remember the icelandic sweater????). Unless you use a knit/purl pattern, it will twist/bias. The yarn overs in lace just give it more space to twist!

Maybe the boxcar willie stitch would be better for these!

Benita said...

Hmmm... I think I'd go for blue as the overdye - but then again, I like purple.

I would be very suspicious of anyone Karl Rove backed. Is it me, or is this particular campaign year extra nasty?

vlb5757 said...

Flummoxed? Fabulous word! I will go and look it up to be sure I know what it means. I love the socks whether the colors match up or not. The pattern looks great too.