Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home Again!

I thought I'd show you our view of the Hudson River from the apartment window. We both caught colds and woke up feeling so puny Tuesday morning, that we weren't sure we'd feel up to the Yankee game that evening so stayed in all day. I love the Trump Place towers shadows.
The barge and tug are parked for a while, perhaps waiting for their load to arrive upriver. Meanwhile, a tug has gone by and now this tanker. The luxury liner berths are just south of here, a historic note from a bygone era.
This is what we see from the bedroom window which faces north. As I said, we stayed in all day, reading and sleeping. There's a Barnes and Nobles not far from the apartment and this year I ended up buying five books, read three and am midway on the fourth.
I zoomed in for this view of the same area. I am pleased with the detail my new little camera has captured. More water towers!! I'm always surprised at how high up people live.

Ian was taking a nap when the New York Fire Depart=
ment came along with practice exercises. Of course I took many pictures. I took pictures of them lowering a small boat that they used to race around in circles and then return to be pulled back aboard. But this was my favorite part of the exercise.

And then, as if on demand, a cruise ship came up the river and docked in one of the traditional luxury liner berths. You have no idea how slow a vessel moves at this stage. I was confused for quite a while until I realized that it was actually docking. I couldn't see a tug and it seems that all vessels come with one.
This sunset over New Jersey was from Monday night. I know I'm biased toward thinking the West has a lock on beautiful sunsets, but one was a contender.

This is the section of the Hudson where Sully put down his crippled aircraft and the many small boats that populate the river came immediately to safely evacuate the passengers and crew - remarkable story!

We have returned home, bringing our colds with us. The five-hour flight from Baltimore to Salt Lake City doped up on cold meds was a character builder. I was just as thrilled to come home last night as the dogs and kitty were to see us. There's no place like home! I get to sleep off my cold in my own bed. I'll post my trip knitting later - total disappointment.


Michelle said...

You were gone so long -- you're another year older! :-)

Welcome home, and I hope you recover quickly.

2BKnitting said...

Beautiful and stunning pictures. May I ask what camera you have?

I hope you're feeling better soon.

Nina said...

Welcome home! I loved following your holiday commentary and photos.
Thanks so much for sharing..

Leigh said...

I have to admit that I never thought I'd admit that NYC is beautiful, but you got some great shots. Bummer about the colds though.

Leigh said...

P.S. Ditto on Susan's question. What camera do you have? I'll be in the market one of these days soon.

Sharon said...

I answered Susan on her blog and will also email my answer to Leigh, but if anyone hasn't yet read this post and is still interested, I bought a Canon Powershot SD 940 IS. I could not have been happier with it - great wake-up speed and was able to catch action shots within reason. Consumer Reports recommended it as best for price. Also, Lee Ridley at used it for her year of photos blog last year. I love mine!! It takes great video too.