Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Catching Up

I finished my second t-shirt this morning. I won't do the v-neck again. It was really hard. After I'd fought with the fabric and marveled at it's drape, I realized that I had purchased polyester double-knit. It's impossible to wrinkle and I will pack it for NYC. I like this one even better than the first. I would have modeled one of them, but I managed to finish both on a bad-hair day.
I've finished knitting three bags while watching baseball. We finally got tickets today for the Yankees game on the October 18th. We don't have a game time or an opposing team yet, but we will see the Yankees play in Yankee Stadium. I am beyond excited. Our last tickets were refunded when the Yankees became the wild card team. We watched them beat the Twins tonight - I hope it's just a warm up.
And while we watched Yankee ball, I felted bags. They're small which worries me since everyone now seems to carry a modified backpack on their shoulder. I'll have these at the November craft fair and hope someone who doesn't need to carry their office about will find them interesting.

And a friendly reminder - if you've never felted in your washing machine but are so inclined, remember to zip up your project in a pillow case because this the felt that would otherwise go into your washing machine pump. I'm passing on a lesson learned by another.
Our butterfly bush (buddleia davidii) has struggled for the past several years and the late summer left it in twig stage until July. We are thrilled to see it "bush" with the last couple weeks of nice weather and all the rain we've been experiencing. I hope this isn't a one-time bush.


Theresa said...

I love the bags and also how they are holding books. Do they come with those selections? ;)
Congrats on the tickets. I hope it's a good game but I have to say, any sport in which the players have so much time on their hands to stand around and spit isn't for me. Can you just imagine how filthy those dug outs must be?
I'm so impressed with that lovely v neck on your shirt. Lovely job and I bet well worth the effort.

Jody said...

Yes I luv the bags too...will have to try making one of those felted bags for myself.
What a beautiful bush...reminds me of wisteria.

Anonymous said...

The bags look wonderful - just the right size imho!

Marion B. said...

But your t-shirts look fantastic. I know sewing this material is not easy, especially the v-neck. That is why I use ..... and iron interfacing all over the ..... (I can't find the word in my dictionary) Then I sew it.
The little bags are lovely and so is the butterfly bush. Don't you just love them.

Nina said...

I think you're t-shirts both turned out really well. As for felted backpacks, anyone who purchases one of your won't have shoulder and back strain like some of the oversized one's cause. They're really pretty colour combos so I'm sure they'll be a hit.

Leigh said...

I do love your felted bags. I love a live baseball game too, lucky you! I didn't know you were a Yankees fan though. [Go Cubbies!]

Benita said...

Wow! You have been a busy bee. Getting to go to a Yankees game is great news indeed! I hope they win (unless they are playing Cincinnati) :)

You have gotten the rain intended for us. We want it back! Actually, I'm glad you have gotten it. That bush is lovely.