Saturday, October 02, 2010

My Camera's First Outing

Melissa and I went on the Reno Harvest of Homes tour today, which was a tour of six historic homes. I stopped at Costco first to buy an 8 mg chip for my new camera and then forgot to take pictures until the very last house, but it was the best on the tour. I have seen plein air artists painting this 1902 house over the years.
The artist who has lived here for almost 30 years has filled the interior space with wonder and freshness, but photography was prohibited. The only pictures permitted were outside, and her creative energy spilled outside the walls.
Her yard was an extension of her creative home. She had a love a crazy random mirrors. Do you see the reflection of the woman bending over? This garden is filled with her love of the unusual. I heard someone say that she wanted to go home and get creative.
Another lady on the tour shot this on my camera. So - this camera is a no-
brainer. The instruction booklet is minimal because there's just not much to it. I love the tiny size and the unbelievable fast shutter speed, though I haven't tested in on grandchildren. For my current experience I rate it at an A+.

I was caught by the floral urn, but look again - check out the little toilet float garden below it on the left.

We really liked this side yard seating area. The garden was fully garden and fully art, which is a bigger challenge than you might imagine in the high desert. I loved the most that her garden wasn't gardener dependent.


Marion B. said...

The garden looks lovely but what is a little toilet float garden? The picture doesn't make me! (hihi)

Sharon said...

Sorry - my dad was a fix-it kinda guy and when the toilet kept running, he would bend the arm that held the float to force it downwards into the tank and stop the incoming flow of water. Those floats today are plastic but when I was growing up they were made of a metal, and that's what she's used in her garden.

Jody said...

Such creativity! I wish I was like that:-) I can only focus on one or two things at a time. said...

Wow what a day! Beautiful garden.... as to the kitty on my blog, yep, it was a sweater, though I have knitted fairisle. Don't like to much though.