Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rosepath Sampler

I was in town again yesterday so didn't get to start on my sampler until today. I'm choosing colors for weft based on bobbins that have something on them, and of course, it's 8/2 cotton since that's just about all I have in my stash.
I love the way warp colors fool you when they intersect with the warp. The blue in my 1st sample hardly changed at all, but the gold in the 2nd sample turned rich orange crossing the purple.
The 1st blue had a lot of green but the third is sky blue. I can see that I'm going to need to include some of the warp for each one in my sample book so I can see the source colors. This 4th weft is a buttery yellow that gets an edge with the warp color.
I spent more time weaving today than I had intended and I'm sure my muscles are going to hate me tomorrow. Sometimes I'd get lost and I realize that I'm not ready to weave with my iPod. The white was the 5th pattern, and where 4 was easy and fun to do, I can't tell you how many times I had to undo and redo this one.

I think it's interesting how the green is soft and akin to a pea green, but with the influence of the warp, it's an olive green. It's actually the 7th pattern - I skipped the 6th. I was getting tired. I've written many notes so I know where to pick up.
Again, I find that I've twisted the bouts in warping back to front, the left one and second from right. Since it's a solid warp, it's not going to be a problem, while with stripes, it would be yet another disaster. I think that I'll just plan to warp front to back when I use stripes. I need a weaving genie because I cannot figure out how these bouts get twists.
We're babysitting tonight, and boy has the face of babysitting changed for us. This is the infant we used to watch, now in middle school - note the cell phone. - and he's playing a favorite game online. I tell him smile, and he *makes* a smile. He's actually quite cute - the girls think so.
Alexia on the other hand is enter-
tained by watching a musical show called Camp Rock. She danced and sang to it, and finally told me she wanted to go to bed. Goldie is set up in the guest room so I was worried about little hands, but one set is already asleep. We're making cookies in the morning. Can my life get any better?


Marion B. said...

Sometimes that is exactly the feeling; can my life get any better! I know what you mean and it makes me grateful.
THank you for making me think about it.
Have a nice weekend.

Valerie said...

It is amazing how the intersecting threads push the colors in different directions. One of the things I never tire of in weaving.

Nice work, Sharon!

Judy said...

Thanks for a great post and for reminding us how good it is to just be thankful. It sounds like you had just a super day, with a great weekend ahead. Enjoy!

Benita said...

Ahhh... Color play! Fun!