Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Not Very Much

I have been weaving this month - honest.  But not very much, and in fact, I've been so exhausted that I'd have to say that "not very much" could be my tag line for this month.  Melissa called from SoCal about a week ago and when I mentioned being tired, she instantly asked if I was using my SAD light.  Doh!  What a thing to forget when the days are so gray.  Today was my sixth day to use it and unquestionably I'm feeling better.
We bought a smaller tree this year and we have both really enjoyed it because we can see all the ornaments.  The memories they bring are priceless.  Since we don't have presents under the tree we have put our Woof 'n Poof santas there instead.  Chrissie and Alexia found this Christmas llama online and it has joined the ranks.  I'm sure you can see Maddie in the cat-sized space we left just for her.
Apparently she didn't approve because the next morning we came out to this.  We've made a better space for him and have had no reoccurences.
We had Christmas Eve at our house again this year.   This is our fifth Christmas here in Bend and I'm glad we made the move to join the boys.  A baby changes everything!!
We're still watching Delaney on Thursdays and Fridays.  We've gotten complacent about childproofing the house since she has shown no interest in crawling or walking.  She is quite content to sit and play and, boy, is she a talker.  I'm looking forward to 2020 and all that is to come.  Happy New Year!