Saturday, February 26, 2022

Beach in February

We left Yachats and headed toward Netarts Bay for a few days.  Since we weren't in a hurry we left Hwy 101 and drove to the coast to have lunch at one of my favorite brew pubs, Pelican Brewery. 

As soon as we had ordered Ian went to find the restroom.  He said it was the most unusual one he'd every come across in a public setting.  He didn't notice the "All Gender" sign so was taken unawares that there are a dozen private stalls and a long trough for handwashing.  Later I took my turn and was pretty tickled that the men seemed to have such a difficult time understanding the facilities.  I hope we see more of this in time to come so men can stand in line for their turn, just like we women have done all our lives.
We took a drive up the coast to see the Cape Meares lighthouse, the only one we haven't seen yet.  In spite of the pouring rain, there was no shortage of tourists, ehecking it out.
It's a stubby lighthouse and was working until 1962, then when decommissioned, the first order Fresnel lenses were left in place for people like us to enjoy.
Well worth the trip!
We were staying at Netarts on the three-day holiday of Presidents Day.  There was no shortage of clammers during low tide.  I'd like to try it myself another time but we were just sightseeing.  I'm still laughing at this, the Tsunami Evacuation Shuttle.  There are warning signs everywhere so this little bit of levity was most welcome.
Part of the reason for this trip was for my cousin and I to get together for the first time in 52 years.  I last saw her at her father's funeral.  Christina had just been born and a few months after that, she and I flew to the Philippines where we lived for the next two years.  Our mothers weren't friends and none of us saw each other again until this trip.  The man who is researching our grandfather's history is the one who put us in touch.  She and her husband have run the Wheeler Marina for 42 years.  We had a great visit and there will be more.
The marina is breathtakingly beautiful.

Do you see the Wheeler alligator?
The plan was to drive back to Bend after we left Wheeler but that didn't happen. We stopped off at Newport for lunch at the Clear Water restaurant on our way back to Yachats and our B&B.  We ended up staying two extra days because a sneaker snow storm made the Cascades almost impassible.  After a month of near spring conditions we got caught by freak weather.  The drive home was miserable.  There's no place like home, there's no place like home!!
Newport Harbor Seals.


Friday, February 18, 2022

Yachats (pronounced YawHots)

We are at the beach!  Some days it's stormy and somedays it's not.  Some days we eat seafood and somedays we don't.

This is the mouth of the Yachats River on an almost sunny afternoon.
Just one of many seagulls.
We walked down last evening to say goodnight to the ocean.
We also said goodnight to an awful lot of seagulls.

We came across a guy serenading the ocean on our walk this morning.

Good night from Yachats.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Time Flies

This is the best washing machine I have ever had.  The drum is huge so I'm able to do the laundry in fewer loads.  And the dingy sheets are bright white again.  I was feeling sorry for myself because the choices were limited to what would fit in this little laundry closet under the stairs, but no more.

One of my recent hikes was high above the Deschutes River.  It's beautiful in its own craggy way. 

I met these ladies through the community garden at our church and last week we decided to form a small hiking group.  Our first outting was on the Juniper Forest trails in the Badlands, east of Bend.  It's hard to believe that it's February when you look at this photo.
My weaving has taken a back seat to everything else but I finally finished a set of towels, a variation of Turned Taquete.  
I've wanted to participate in the guild's color challenge and this is the inspiration image I was given.
These are the colors I've chosen.

I've wound three quarters of the warp and this is how it's shaping up.  I'd like to finish winding and beam the warp tomorrow.  My weaving has been infrequent and the downside of that is my back gets tired quickly.  Usually winter is when I get the most weaving done.  If there's one thing I've learned through the pandemic, it's that there is no "usually" anymore.  And on that note I'm going to read on the patio since it's a sunny 63 degrees this afternoon.