Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Being flexible

I made a screen shot from the conversation I had with my granddaughter yesterday.  I know my daughter is worried too.  She texted me several days ago to say that Ian and I are her favorite old people, wanting us to reassure her that we're staying home and washing our hands a lot.  Today ends my first week of self-quarantine but Ian has gone out for groceries on several occasions.

Adjustments and accommodations are continually developing. Sunday was a unique experience as I attended church, live streaming on my phone, from the comfort of my living room wearing my pajamas.  There has been a ground swell of volunteers offering assistance to the homebound, to pick up prescriptions or groceries.  The items I've been weaving would have been for sale at Fiber Market Day the last Saturday of this month but it's now rescheduled for June.  Everything but grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants offering take-out of delivery are closed.  Our local yarn shop is converting her inventory to on-line sales for shipping or pick-up.  The local economy is being hit hard.  Oregon reported 18 more cases today, bringing the total up to 65.

It was an utter joy to awaken to sunshine this morning. The past several days have been gloomy and gray with 5" of much-needed snow.  However, the ski resorts can't enjoy it as they are closed for the rest of this month.  I'm surprised at how uncomplainingly compliant people are.  Melissa told me that the police were called out to her Costco in Santa Clarita because customers had turned violent and combative.  Ian went to our Costco yesterday and remarked how nice everyone was each other, but there's still no toilet paper on the shelves.

We had a couple of warm days last week and Delaney and took our first stroll of 2020 on Thursday.  This is her movie star look.  She'll be 1 in a couple of weeks and her Reno family was planning to drive up for the celebration.  I haven't heard of any change of plans but her other grandmother has an underlying medical condition so I think this also will be postponed.  I realized that our book club is going to have to reschedule too.  One day at a time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

May You Live in Interesting Times

This is the second table runner on a warp intended to produce five runners for the sale the end of this month.  I ruined the first one so this is the first one that is salable.

This is the third one and it's what I'm currently working on and am only working on this loom until the deadline is passed, then it's back to Summer and Winter again.

My disaster sweater turned out much better than I had expected but I need to wear a t-shirt underneath - it's itchy!  It actually looks better than this and it's not oversized when worn with a tee.  I wore it to knitting last week and when I drew attention to my completed project, the group was surprised - said they didn't realize it was hand knit.  Or maybe they were just being nice :-)
I saw this wall hanging on Facebook last week.  We've purchased quite a bit of pottery from Joe Winter but his wife Shiho is also a potter, except all her work is hand-built.  She posted a picture last week of six little wall hangings on Facebook and I knew I wanted this one the second I saw it.  I reacted quickly for the buy.  Joe said, "the early bird gets the worm" - yay me!!
My hair has finally grown long enough after that crazy haircut 18-months ago that my new hairdresser has finally been able to style it.  It's still pretty curly but at least my hair finally looks like something I recognize in the mirror.  I need to work on my selfie skills.  I am having cataracts removed next month and wonder if I'll need reading glasses afterwards.  I still haven't decided if I'll have both eyes corrected for distance or mono vision, which is one close and one distant.  I do that with contacts but I'm not sure I want that correction for the rest of my life.

I forgot to take any pictures of Delaney recently because mostly I take videos to put on Facebook for her Reno family.  Delaney turns one in three weeks and the whole Reno gang will be here for the celebration.  She still isn't great at crawling but it spending more time standing to play, and her playing in one place makes her a whole lot easier to watch.  We'll need a gate for the stairs before long.  We've been putting things on the risers that we don't want her to play with but they're not going to be safe for much longer.

Lots of uneasiness here in Central Oregon as we watch COV-19 on the world stage.  The main office of Smart (Start Making a Reader Today) announced on Monday that reading to kinders is suspended until April.  And today I was asked as president of the local weaving guild to think about cancelling the April meeting.  I'll let the members decide at the meeting next week.  Lots to think about.

Sunday, March 01, 2020

The Ongoing Conundrum

I still haven't found a way to access all my photos in Blogger but I do think I've found a backdoor. Meanwhile, this is my newest piece of weaving equipment.  It's called a hoop raddle and it's made by Glimakra, the same folks who made the lease sticks that I bought last year and love.  I called Patty Huffer, our weaving guru, and asked her how to assemble and use this, as it's quite a bit larger than the one I'm replacing.  She had me put in on the front beam, and voila, I had the loom dressed in record time.  Worth every penny!
I'm weaving Overshot in these two colors.  The whole warp is for table runners and each one will have a different colored weft.  I misunderstood the directions and the first runner is a dud. I'm weaving a corrected pattern now which is stunning. 

Any photo I want to use I have to "heart" on my phone and in a couple of days it shows up in a folder I can access in Blogger. I figured this out earlier this week and it will be a while before I can post.  At least I'll know how many days I have to allow between taking a photo and being able to blog with it.  Microsoft and Apple do not play well with each other, but I'm not dead yet.
February was warm and dry, and although the Cascades have gotten a fair amount of snow this snow year, we are being warned to prepare for water rationing if we don't get some healthy storms.  Plants were fooled into thinking it was an early spring and then it dropped to 19 last night and now they have to start over.  Such is life in the High Desert.  Being a volunteer at the High Desert Museum has given a fresh appreciation for the struggles homesteaders had to overcome in order to merely live.
We've had a couple of days in the mid-50s and were able to enjoy the outdoors.  Delaney and I went out for about a half hour to keep Grandpa company while he cut firewood.  I know the winter sun is cooler but I don't want to be the one sunburns my granddaughter.  The breeze ruffled her hair which perplexed her and she kept reaching for it.  So many new experiences await her.

That's not all I have to say but that's all the pictures that I've been able to access.  If my theory is right, I'll be back to bore you again shortly.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Learning Curve

So this happened last week.  For years I have hated my laptop, even my new one which is now five years old, and I have regretted not paying the extra and buying an Apple instead.  I was paying bills one morning last week using our Credit Union's app and fighting with Microsoft uploads.  I realize some of my struggles are of my own making since I only use it to pay bills, to blog and use my weaving software.  Ian left me in my misery to go to Costco and when he returned, he brought me this MacBook Air.

The learning curve is just an adjustment in some areas and pure mystery in others.  I'm president of our weaving guild for the next two years and in that capacity I am required to make agendas for the general meetings and the quarterly board meetings.  Last month I fought through the process to get a reasonable product, though if I edited after I had finished, it threw the tabs helter skelter. I learned pages in about a half hour and the agenda looks sharp, plus I feel confident using the program.  Sheets is Apple's Excel equivalent and that took me quite a bit longer.  For one thing I needed to copy and paste our expenses into each month.  It's done for 2020 and I only need to open each month and record our bills as I pay them.  No more waiting for Excel to open or get the message, Sorry - Microsoft is not Responding.  No more!

Capturing photos for blogging isn't as a easy and I absolutely can't find them for Facebook, which is fine since I mostly check FB on my phone.
For instance, if I hadn't checked FB on my phone last night I would have missed this photo of Delaney from yesterday when she turned 10-months old.  She and I are going to have our first adventure this Thursday.  I'm taking her to a program at our church.  We can leave whenever we need to but I think it's time we test the waters.

Only about half my photos are visible this morning to Blogger so I'll keep fiddling, but for now this quick post is to let you know we are alive and cold in Central Oregon!!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Oh that Delaney

This is what the field behind our house looks like on my morning walks.  We have had some rain so there's some melting but also freezing so YakTrax are absolutely necessary.  It's still better than going to a gym and walking on a treadmill.  Weather is uneven in Central Oregon.  The elevation is higher at the southern end and gets lower as it ends in the Columbia River.  Often we'll have snow but Matt and Julia in Redmond 30 minutes north of us will get none.
And indeed this is what it looked like in Redmond when I drove up last week to our guild meeting, and my first meeting as guild president. To say I found being president a bit daunting would be an understatement.  Yesterday was my first Board meeting which required me to collect agenda items and prepare an agenda.  It's a big board and several people congratulated me for reining in the meeting at two hours.  I was appalled that it went so long and they were thrilled that it didn't go longer.  I have a lot to learn.
I stopped into our LYS for some fiber therapy on my way home.  I had sold a shuttle for $50 which was burning a hole in my pocket.  This is Malabrigos Rios and it is $16 well spent.  It's already on needles to be another Honey Cowl.
This is my first Honey Cowl, also in Malabrigos Rios, and it's like wearing a hug around my neck.  I love it so much I knitted it in the Bergamo yarn I showed in my last post.
The instructions have a couple of different sizes.  My first one was knitted on 160 stitches and this one on 110 stitches.  The difference is this scrunches up like a turtleneck and the other one wraps twice.
I wore it all day yesterday.  My friend Herme just told me that she has converted a couple of scarves into cowls following Sarah Jackson's advice - simply sew the ends together but twist it once to make a mobius.  Hermi had a neck injury long before I did and she always wears something warm around her neck.  I've identified two scarves for starters so I can give my few cowls a needed break.
I know I'm doing a lot of knitting lately, but there's just not much natural light this time of year and knitting doesn't need it.  I have been meticulous about using my SAD light each morning, and after fits and starts in the beginning, I even get up early to allow that 30 minutes if I have to leave for a morning meeting.  I finished this hat for Delaney from leftover Cascade 220 that I've had for years.  I didn't realize how much damage the moths had done when we lived in Reno.  There are a lot of Russian joins in this hat - good practice!
 Delaney loves to watch the birds at the feeders.  I took this picture two weeks ago but she's starting to crawl now and I'm not sure she'll continue to be this content and quiet again.
She's napping now which is why I have a minute to write this post.  She played with this rug for 15-20 minutes this morning and I was thrilled because it's safe and I didn't have to worry about what she was getting into.  It's just beginning :-)

Monday, January 06, 2020


I belong to a group of people who have become friends over knitting.  They began knitting together at a yarn store that closed so moved to a restaurant called Jackson's Corner, JC for short, and were nicknamed Knitterbugs by the staff.  I had been invited to come by a mutual friend from Reno and kept dragging my feet.  How fun could that be, sitting around in a group knitting together?? 

I dragged my feet for a couple of years and finally went a couple of times about 18 months ago and I was hooked.  These people have become very dear to me.  They get together several times a week but I'm only free on Tuesday afternoons after Smart (Start making a reader today, volunteer reading to kinders). 

Yesterday was my second Holiday Yarn Exchange, and on top of the brown-bag pirate exchange, several members brought "deeply discounted" yarns to sell.  This is what I came home with, I who claim to have no stash now have the beginnings of one. 
This is my exchange booty, two fingering-weight skeins in a Fire colorway from Alexander's Crafts in Silverton, Oregon.  Debra suggested that I think about getting a Kid Haze mohair in a complimentary color and hold two strands together to tone down the "fire.".
These two skeins are hand-dyed here in Bend from Knitting Nomad.  I'll probably hold these together in a project.  My cost - $10.00.
This wildly dyed Little Knits Bergamo yarn is superwash Merino.  I've swatched it and already cast on for a Red Rasta Cowl, with adjustments for the difference in my yarn and the pattern's yarn - $5.00.
I don't know what I'll do with this skein but it was a gift from Debra.  It was the last of her skein's on the table and she said take it - I'm not taking it home.  I'll find a use for it.
Adele knows I knit prayer shawls so gave me these five skeins of superwash Merino. 
I've already cast on for the next one. I'm using the River Fog pattern again but it's really easy and good for mindless knitting or quiet morning knitting with prayers.  I'm still struggling with being tired so this was the perfect way to spend this day.  The rest of the week is really busy and sometimes I forget to act like the retired person that I am and sit a spell. I entered all the yarns in my Ravelry "stash" and now it's time to read.