Tuesday, May 18, 2021

I'm still here

We're still in the early days of spring and some days are too cold for much of anything but taking walks.  I'm knitting a lot and finished this sweater for granddaughter Alexia in Reno who will spend this July with us again.  The pattern is on Ravelry, Glass Ceiling, by Heidi Kirrmaier.

It fits her great and she loves it.
I also finished another sweater for Delaney.  It's gratifying that she likes to wear my sweaters so much.  As cute as this is, the twisted rib took forever and I wouldn't knit it a second time.

I am part of a group of knitters that call themselves The Knitterbugs.  One of our group was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer about two months ago so we put on our thinking caps and decided to knit an afghan for her; each of us would knit a 12" square block.  Her favorite color is blue so that was the only unifying factor.  Because Covid restrictions are still in place we met in a park to arrange the blocks and stitch them together. 
Adele ended up taking it home to crochet twice around the completed afghan to give it a finished look. We gave it to her on Mothers Day.
I've done very little weaving this past month, only completing this scarf.  I wanted to use a pattern that had a wif file and found this one on www.handweaving.net.  The files are part of your subscription.  My next goal is how to make my own wif files.
I'm weaving it a second time but I think I'm ready to return to block weaves after this.  I have mountains of 8/2 Tencel and after Linda Hartshorn quipped that scarves make great samples, I'm having no problem weaving them, along with a sample of 2-3 weft colors.
There's a shop downtown that sells used kids' stuff and that's where I bought this Bob stroller for $100 which anyone who is familiar with these will tell you s a steal.  Delaney loves it.  I'm working on getting her to wear her sunglasses properly to protect her light blue eyes.  She still hates hats.
The yard is beginning to wake up and the hostas are just now poking their noses up through the soil.  Our growing season is about 3-4 months long and it's a lot of work for such a short time but I always enjoy it.  As my friend Kathi said - this is fun, right?  I said, yes it's fun in May, not fun on August.  I suspect weaving will slow down even more.
And our little garden helper loves being outside.  This activity is moving dirt from one spot to another.
One of the weavers in our guild writes a column for our local newspaper.  This one tickled my funny bone.