Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Learning Curve

So this happened last week.  For years I have hated my laptop, even my new one which is now five years old, and I have regretted not paying the extra and buying an Apple instead.  I was paying bills one morning last week using our Credit Union's app and fighting with Microsoft uploads.  I realize some of my struggles are of my own making since I only use it to pay bills, to blog and use my weaving software.  Ian left me in my misery to go to Costco and when he returned, he brought me this MacBook Air.

The learning curve is just an adjustment in some areas and pure mystery in others.  I'm president of our weaving guild for the next two years and in that capacity I am required to make agendas for the general meetings and the quarterly board meetings.  Last month I fought through the process to get a reasonable product, though if I edited after I had finished, it threw the tabs helter skelter. I learned pages in about a half hour and the agenda looks sharp, plus I feel confident using the program.  Sheets is Apple's Excel equivalent and that took me quite a bit longer.  For one thing I needed to copy and paste our expenses into each month.  It's done for 2020 and I only need to open each month and record our bills as I pay them.  No more waiting for Excel to open or get the message, Sorry - Microsoft is not Responding.  No more!

Capturing photos for blogging isn't as a easy and I absolutely can't find them for Facebook, which is fine since I mostly check FB on my phone.
For instance, if I hadn't checked FB on my phone last night I would have missed this photo of Delaney from yesterday when she turned 10-months old.  She and I are going to have our first adventure this Thursday.  I'm taking her to a program at our church.  We can leave whenever we need to but I think it's time we test the waters.

Only about half my photos are visible this morning to Blogger so I'll keep fiddling, but for now this quick post is to let you know we are alive and cold in Central Oregon!!