Monday, September 04, 2006

Whadda Deal

After Allison had her stash reduction sale, I kept thinking about the many balls of Shetland finger-weight yarn that didn’t sell. No one but me seemed to be looking at them. The sale was quite a frenzy – rather like chumming shark infested waters. We exchanged a couple of emails afterwards, and I arranged to purchase the balance of her Shetland collection. The attraction to me is that these are all yarns of the same weight but in many hues and colors. I knew in advance that many of the colors were in small bits, but I decided to go ahead with the purchase anyway. It’s almost like a colorwork kit but with no directions. Allison brought the box to me at work yesterday, since neither of us has a day off together. Does that tell you how much she wanted to get rid of this yarn? It had to be at least an hour of round-trip driving.

Amy came out today to visit and have some down time. It's Labor Day - we need to relax, right? If you’ve read her blog, you would know that if she did stay home, she’d be working in her yard - that's labor. It was great to sit on the deck, knit, visit and listen to the birds. It’s been a while. Mim popped over and we sorted out the stuff from the fair. Mim and I split an award for the Nevada Grown division. After she left I realized that I still have her ribbon – we got like three. Ian went down and showed Champ his ribbon. We put our ribbons in the bathroom. Where do you put yours?

Amy and I dumped the box out onto on the table and started sorting the yarns. So here’s the question. Do we sort things because it’s part of our library jobs, or do we have library jobs because we like to sort things? What's in the box in the chair in that first picture?

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Birdsong said...

I'm pretty envious of that great deal; I really like Shetland, and imagine you will be poring over color charts all winter. It's probably that you are programmed to sort ....