Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tomato Factory

And here you have it. One Early Girl tomato in a tomato cage sur-
rounded by Walls of Water. It survived the 24 degrees and I am optimistic that I will have fruit this year. I planted two of these and it took forever. I took my pail down to the pen because I wanted some llama guano to blend into the soil. I was followed by trotting hooves, and I turned around to face three wethers and two llamas - such an unorthodox flock. They were so curious - and expectant. The other half of forever was filling the tubes from the hose. If I get red ripe tomatoes, this will be the first year. See the tips of my toes at the bottom?

Hey babe - we're a couple of cool dudes, out looking for a good time. Want to go for a ride??


Leigh said...

So the walls of water thingy worked? I've seen those advertised in the garden catalogues and wondered. I have a tomato plant too. In a pot on my balcony. Not too sure it will get enough sun but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

Lee said...

What cute guys!!

Oh tomatoes...I couldn't get any of my seeds to come up this year, so we will have to buy plants this year. Grrrr...

Traumschaumseife said...

Hey, nice dogs!

greetings from Germany,