Thursday, August 21, 2008

Moorit brown

Somehow I figured that a moorit sheep would always produce moorit fleece so I merrily used up Ollie's fleeces. The truth didn't dawn until I opened the box from Morro with Ollie's latest fleece and realized I was in trouble. As you can see by the ball on the bottom left, Ollie is now coffee au lait.

This is the very last of Ollie's moorit fleece - the end. I dropped off my fair entries at Mim's on my way to work on Tuesday - she was taking them in with hers. I had asked her earlier if she has any moorit Shetland and she does, though I can see that hers is a little more dark chocolate to Ollie's milk chocolate. She didn't have much on hand but says that she has another entire fleece. She has a Patrick Green electric triple-drum carder so I can buy from her by the processed ounce - that's good news.
I just finished this hat, one of an order I have for Christmas. I think it's cool that both incarnations of Ollie are here, but I am also glad to know that I have a source for more brown. I think the hat would look pretty wimpy without brown.


Leigh said...

The hat is so cute! But then, your hats are always something to drool over.

It is interesting about Ollie's moorit. The potential to vary color from fleece to fleece seems to be a Shetland trademark. I have three moorits in my Shetland Sampler Cardigan (which I'll resume knitting on once the weather cools a bit). They are not exactly the same shade! I like that for the variety, but I could see how it could be frustrating to try to match if the need arose.

Michelle said...

Maybe Ollie was a fawn, not a moorit! Ah, the challenges of the changing browns.... I'm glad I have one white sheep; HER wool I can depend on!

Kathy said...

Next spring, let me know if you need moorit still - I can send you samples of any I have and you can always try here, too. :)

Really neat hat!