Friday, July 24, 2009

Weaver's Apprentice

Charlie decided he needed once again to help with my weaving. The only reason I'm working on this project when I could be outdoors is the fair deadline. I think partly it's because this weather calls me to be outside so much that Charlie feels human abandonment, but he perched himself right in front of my face. However, I'm working from the back bean and he is laying with his back to me. I think he's saying something.
He clearly under-
stands how to place himself to insure he's not ignored. He's right between me and my reed, and his swishing tail in in the very yarn I'm trying to thread. I have a very smart and obnoxious cat.

Mim brought over our locker lamb this morning. Donna Wiggins from the Wiggins Trading Post in Chilcoot, California, is the butcher. Ever since I read "Diet for a Small Plantet" in the 1970s, I have struggled with the idea of eating commercial meat. I love Mim's lambs and I know exactly what pasture they fed on. We had lamb chops for dinner tonight. A Shetland lamb isn't very but so we only eat it two or three times a month to make it last the year.


Wool Enough said...

Charlie is so lovely though (those eyes!); you have to forgive him, don'tcha?

beadlizard said...

Guess you don't have to worry about mice getting into your stash!

Makes you wonder, though, what he's really thinking as he watches you. Is there some sort of geometry being processed in his mind?

Best of luck with the weaving. Can't wait to see what you make this time.

Theresa said...

LOL, Charlie has it all figured out. Maybe he's studying so he can be your phantom weaver while you sleep, or unweaver! :-)
Rodger our cat never bothers with the looms preferring to hang out on the benches that have rugs or pillows on them.
Have a wonderful day at the loom with friends!

bspinner said...

Charlie must have been a weaver in another life. He's one handsome cat. Funny how his coloring matches your loom.

Michelle said...

There's an award for you over on my blog. :-)

Life Looms Large said...

I'm so glad that dogs can't climb on looms! (At least that my dog doesn't attempt such a thing!)


Kathy said...

What a ham that Charlie is. :) I have a few like that as well...or maybe they hand around to lend a paw when needed. As much as they can be a pain, I know I would be totally lost without my entourage.
There may be small cuts from a Shetland, but what you get is choice.