Friday, February 24, 2017

Keeping Busy in a Dark Month

 The Zinnia towels are off the loom, tagged and ready for sale.
And the orange codpiece got wrestled into the shape of a carrot, manhandled I must say.
 These are all the pieces that I had time to knit, minus the cucumber I whipped out at the last minute.
The market bag is done.
And when I put them together they look like this, all ready for Olivia's (my great-granddaughter) 4th birthday next week.
I even made a birthday card for her from a monotype print that I wasn't very pleased with.
And speaking of printmaking, last night was the fourth class in a five-class series called Introduction to Printmaking.  We focused on linoleum cuts using Gomubond, a material softer and more malleable than linoleum.  Speedball makes just three gouges 1-3 so I carved each bird with a different tip.  The thinnest is on the left and #3 is in the middle.  We only had 2 1/2 hours last night so I need to go in to the studio some afternoon to finish this up before our last class next Thursday.
Of the three we've completed, my favorite technique is collograph, and while I did like the lino cuts, I didn't enjoy dry point etching much at all.


Jodi said...

The veggies and market bag are so cute! What a wonderful gift. I must admit I laughed and laughed at your original carrot/codpiece post. Them's the breaks sometimes...

Jodi said...

I laughed in a sympathetic way, of course! We all have projects that sometimes mystify or surprise us. My son loves a bunny I knit for his Easter basket last year -- yeah, that was supposed to be a cat. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Nina said...

That carrot is perfect! I love the whole market bag full of veggies. What a wonderful gift. Years ago I crocheted a cat for my daughter that ended up being an ugly pig. She slept with that thing for years! At least that carrot really does look like a carrot - but imagining all that greenery on a carrot codpiece still gives me a good chuckle.

NaRong said...

What a wonderful gift. Years ago I crocheted a cat for my daughter that ended up being an ugly pig.

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