Monday, November 27, 2017

A wrench in the works

These new colors from Brassard are even better than I could have hoped for and man, does the yarn have a nice feel.  I won’t be replacing my UKI cones as I use them up even though I love the colors.

These are the cones I’ve selected for my first foray into Summer and Winter and I’m going back to warping from the front.  I just think I get better tension but at least I’ve done warping from the back enough times that I can consider it one of the tools in my toolbox and would thankfully use it for patterns using finer yarns.

We are still having warmer than usual weather for this time of year, still no snow on the ground though it’s sure nice not to have to drive on it!  This was Thanksgiving morning.

We went to Josh and Missy’s again for Thanksgiving dinner and were joined by a herd of eight deer and here are five of them.  They really are fun.

My group critique is this coming Saturday.  Pat Clark has offered a class a month from September through November to help us find the inspiration to create our own work.  She calls it “Creating with Intention” and the November theme was “You.”  She gave us a list of questions to help direct our ideas, like “A sense of place you feel most comfortable in.”  It took me about a week to pull my thoughts together but from the beginning I knew that books had to be a part of it, and initially I had tried to incorporate actually printed book pages, but in the end I realized that I wanted it to be my big chair in the corner of the living room where I snuggle down to read every evening.  Another question was “Do you recall any memory of a place or events that were important to you as a child?”  Music!  My mother played piano in our home and at church.  We couldn’t get a radio station out where we lived so she bought me a record player and a dozen LPs of classical composers which was the music I grew up listening to, my music appreciation.  So this is the “self portrait” that I will be presenting to the class.

I’ve enjoyed posting pictures of my work on Instagram.  That’s it’s purpose, just to share photos.  Wednesday morning my messages blew up with people informing me that I’d been hacked in Instagram.  My moniker is sagecreekfarm and the imposter was sagecreekfarm1.  The content of the imposter’s messages was all over the place, one involved a money scheme.  They were repeatedly reported to Instagram by me and by my friends, and it wasn’t until Friday that I got a message from Instagram that the imposter’s site had been taken down.  It was an unpleasant experience and I went through my Followers to make sure I knew who everyone was and deleted those I didn’t know.  That’s when I discovered that Melissa, who had visited me in October, also had a clone account which we both reported.  I promptly made my account Private and continue to post, but the experience has left me very wary.

Meanwhile, on Veteran’s Day weekend I mailed off a package for Ian’s brand new great grandson, a handwoven baby blanket and bath towel.  I hadn’t heard anything from the kids so messaged Darrah, the mom, to see if they had received it yet.  Nope.  I thought it got lost over the holiday weekend and hadn’t saved the email with the tracking number and was fit to be tied.  Cindie Kitchens explained that we have access to our shipping history on the USPS site.  In small letters in the upper right of the page is a message, Hi Sharon.  When I hover my cursor over that, the shipping history appears in a dropown menu with complete information on all my transactions.  And it had been delivered on the 16tth, delivered but not received.  I have to assume that the package is gone and am working on another gift for the baby that I will mail to his grandmother in Susanville.  It’s a disappointment.

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Michelle said...

Oh, no! Was your package snatched from the porch as reported so often on the news these days? Dratted thieves; GRRR.