Wednesday, May 08, 2019

A Whole Lot of Nothing

Delaney turned one month old last week so we drove up to Redmond to pay our first visit.
It was the first time I got to hold her and I swear I had an angel in my arms.
Other than that, not much has been going on other than knitting and reading.  My body isn't adapting well to the pin and my foot swells if I don't keep it up.  So I do.  It beats taking pain meds.
This is another Heidi Kirrmaier pattern.  Her patterns are detailed but so are her instructions which makes her so satisfying to knit.

I frogged a moth-eaten sweater that I knit when we still lived in Red Rock.  The damage wasn't consistent throughout so I'm knitting another of Heidi's sweaters.  This one is called Climb Every Mountain.  It's kind of a sweater poncho combo.  If I have enough yarn I'll make it with long sleeves but the pattern calls for elbow length.
One of the ladies in my book club brought me these three bags of yarn last meeting.  She says she is going to bring me more, that her stash is out of control.  So I who have no stash now have one.  I've looked through quickly and see some things I believe I can put to use.  The rest I'll take to our guild's Weftover Sale next month.
Two days later I got a call from a friend who is moving to Texas who wondered if I'd like some of her stash because she's trying to cull rather than move.  These will also go to the Weftover Sale and the proceeds go to a scholarship fund.
Frankenfoot is healing nicely.  I wear a toeless sock to keep the surgical boot from chafing on my incisions, so what you see on the top of my foot is the impression from the sock.  The pin comes out next Tuesday, a week early.  We leave that Thursday for Reno to see DD Chris receive her master's degree.  Commencement will be on the quad, the same place I was awarded my degree almost thirty years ago.  And the frosting on the cake - Thursday evening is Alexia's band spring concert and she has a flute solo.  I got to mention two granddaughters in one post!


Michelle said...

That's a whole lotta 'somethings' to me! :-D

Cindie said...

For being laid up recovering from surgery you're accomplishing a lot. what a cutie that Delaney is.

EvaniaFlo said...
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karensspinzen said...

Holding the next generation of babies is so yummy!