Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fiber into yarn

I get up a half hour early each morning and spin, about as long as it takes me to drink a couple cups of coffee. I find it a painless way to arrive in the day. Once I had the results from our dye day, I was anxious to see what the fiber would look like as yarn. I found myself spending more time than I had intended and drank several cups of cold coffee before I put my foot down and made myself behave. I don't think my boss would understand if I were late.

I spun the Southwest-colored roving first as I liked it the most. I divided the roving into two and spun on two bobbins. I worked from four semi-equal strips of the roving because I wanted to keep the color runs short. But when I plied and fulled, the yarn seemed to have a barber pole effect.

I spun the roving of four blues and orange spots next. I still divided the roving into two and spun on two bobbins, and on the first bobbin, I worked with the same four strips. But on the second bobbin I worked from one end of the roving to the other in an attempt to have longer color runs and avoid the barber-pole. On the next roving, I’m going to see what happens when I only spin from one end to the other.

Of course, the barber-pole look might look great knitted up. I’m not starting on samples until I finish that infernal and eternal sleeve. It’s the last part of a sweater in the round, so has gotten quite large, heavy and hot. On second thought, samples sound pretty good.


Mim said...

Hi Sharon,
This is great! Love to see the projects your doing. Now I don't need to wait for the guild meetings "show and tell".

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Hi Sharon,
I like the blues best, but then you know how I feel about anything approaching pink.;-) Your use of several shades on one color (blue) in one roving has inspired me! I now want to dig into my dye stash and see what I can come up with. As always, thanks for sharing your ideas and experience!

:shazzy: said...

The blues ARE gorgeous you talented artist, you! They remind me of some yarn you gave me years ago in which I knitted a scarf and accented two hats. I always get compliments on those pieces!!