Saturday, August 18, 2007

At Home Day

This is my tomato plant in jail. Our neighbor Tom gave us this cage because they've got a hot-house now and no longer need it. He says that when the weather gets cold we can wrap it in plastic and we'll have tomatoes for quite a while. The plant is healthy - lots of blossoms - lots of green tomato balls. We have yet to ever have a red tomato here. Is it possible??? Hmmm

Ian brought this onion in today - proof that something is indeed growing. I've used one onion already and am happy, but hope the potatoes give us results as well. Between ground squirrels and rabbits, gardening is pretty futile.
Today is laundry day. It's a good thing that I didn't just toss this load in the washer. Charlie and I would both have been very surprised.

I am very disappointed because I had wanted to link to an article from last Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle. I always ask Ian to pick it up for me on his way home - there's so much in it that it takes me nearly all week to read it. The article I wanted to share was called "America's Private Army of 48,000" about the private contractors in Iraq who are responsible for shooting deaths of Iraqi's and Americans, and who have no oversight and no one to answer to for their actions. However, I cannot link to the story since it has been expunged. If your library subscribes, it appears on A20 of the SF Chronicle for August 12th and I encourage you to be informed. I prize the independent information from this paper, but how dare they redact what they were so bold to report?!!!!! In substitution I submit this Wikipedia entry:


Michelle said...

Since you don't have an email link in your blog, I'll respond this way. Let me know if you ever make it to OFFF again; it would be fun to meet! MaryBeth has GREAT sheep; I'd pick up one of her ewe lambs if I hadn't decided to go in the direction of polled genetics.

Tina T-P said...

Great fair pictures :-) and you remind me to go out and check my tomato plants tomorrow to see what's happening with them.

I've been making my reservations to go to Arizona in October - we're flying in to Tucson so my husband can visit his parent's graves, then driving up to Flagstaff and visiting with Kathy from Sheep Thrills, and spending one night at the Grand Canyon. Hopefully we'll get Autumn leaf colors and not snow. Would be my luck - (the airline tickets almost doubled in cost overnight before I got them booked)- that's what I get for dilly dallying around, I guess. T.