Friday, August 10, 2007

Nevada County Fair

Amy and I drove over to Grass Valley today for the Nevada County Fair. We belong to the Foothill Fiber Guild, Grass Valley's local guild, in addition to our own local guild. We know that we grow as fiber artisans when we are in with contact with others of our "species." Amy's wheel always draws attention. Remember when you were a teenager and your pretty friend was the one the boys wanted to talk to? Deja vu.

I admit, Amy's wheel is worthy of the attention. She wood-burned the pattern, then painted over it to complete the effect. Once she did her Ashford wheel, she felt that she needed a chair to match. She insisted the cushion stay in the picture because she "only" painted the seat. The lazy kate is the latest addition, having been completed this morning about 1:00.

We were so exited to have Birdsong show up. She's been rather out a commission with a bad back and was on the fence as to whether or not she'd be at the fair. And suddenly I was getting a big Birdsong hug. This sweater and the stitch marker necklace is on her blog.

I'm disappointed that the detail of the lace on the back shoulders doesn't show well as I saw through the view finder, because it's so nice and the sweater looks way cute on her little self.

Demonstrations in Progress: Molly is weaving dishtowels on her direct tie-up Dorset loom. Sara is spinning silk, but of course, one one of her two Lendrums, as is Sue - only she's not spinning silk but another yummy blended confection.

Oh my, such happy spinners. Will you look at the Lendrum line up! The sweater with a ribbon between Sara and Sue is Sue's At our Virginia City retreat a couple of months ago, she was knitting it from her hand-dyed, hand spun yarn and grumbling about it. Click for big to see that no grumbling was needed. The pattern is killers.

Details on Amy's wood-burned and painted lazy kate.

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Birdsong said...

It was so great to see you both and trundle around the fair together. You got some good photos and I am looking forward to seeing 'your' fair next.