Monday, November 24, 2008

Cleaning Up

I finished up the four ounces of purple roving from Mim, which is in the fore-
ground. I think it will be nice with the other colors and will mostly likely end up in a hat. I can't seem to break the purple and green cycle. She has offered to trade me roving for soap. I wonder how much soap I can push on her.

The only dyed rovings that I have now are silk that I did myself, so I'm back to spinning black Corriedale. Since I'm driving us to the next guild meeting, I plan to be an early shopper.
This is the only towel survivor from my last weaving adventure. It drew in more than my last towel and I have to assume it has something to do with changing my tie-up back to standard while keeping the Ms and Os threading. I have come to the conclusion that I need to take a step back and do some standard student projects with twill. I think I've enough left on my 5/2 cones for another set of towels. This time I'll wind a three yard warp which should give me plenty of room to be stupid.

I asked both Beryl Moody and Leigh about their preferences for towels and both have expressed a liking for 8/2 cotton. Also both have used a wider warp. I was kind of nodding off at the end of this towel and was thinking I should try a more complex treadling next time, until I pulled the project off the loom and saw all my treadling errors, which mostly pointed to my nodding off. More learning needed.

There is no animal in this dust bin. This is the sweepings from our bedroom alone. Do you think our dogs shed????


Mim said...

I was thinking I couldn't get much soap due to the lack of storage in my little house. Then thought I could pack it around my fiber collection to help it smell pretty!
This trade should work well.

Jodi said...

Purple and green work so well together! No wonder it's a cycle. And pets... all that shedding. I live in a 900 sq. ft. apt., and I have to stop and empty my vacuum cleaner at least once mid-vacuuming b/c of all the darn cat hair.