Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Unexpected

This week has been full of the unexpected. Some haven't been so good and some have been awesome. I've deliberated about whether to blog about the "other" side of unexpected, and am still thinking about it. We bloggers tend to write about our triumphs and joys. This bracelet was certainly one of the joys.

I facilitate our library's book club. It is part of my job and I get paid for doing it. It's also the favorite part of my job. I agonize over books to select, trying to find good books with enough library copies and I agonize over the questions and prep materials and I love every minute of it. The ladies who have formed themselves into this book club are awesome, smart and funny. One is blind and listens to books on tape, and what she contributes to the discussion from her memory is absolutely stunning. Last week they surprised me with this killer bracelet. I swear I only take it off to sleep. My bracelet is the top two rings and the titles are considered young adult, though To Kill a Mockingbird is still one my most favorite books.

Today began with the unexpected - a layer of ice on the road and a 30-mile drive at 40 mph. Mim and I made the most of it and got plenty of visiting in. We saw two roll-overs and the other two members from out here in the north forty saw four. I'll just go slow, thank you very much. We plodded on in Eleanor, my Forrester, and let the large testosterone, big-boy trucks do their thing, including roll over.

The Christmas Guild meeting was very poorly attended - that was unexpected, as this is the one meeting we all try to attend. I think the roads had a lot to do with it and I was very happy to see everyone who did come. I am so lucky to be a spinner because I would never have made these wonderful friends otherwise. The temp never rose up to freezing. A nice unexpected thing was a gift and handmade card from our outgoing president. She wanted to thank her board and I'm the newsletter editor. This appears to be a life appointment, but the gift certainly was, well, unexpected.
Amy provided the major unex-
pected event of the day. Our beautiful sign is completed and it simply is spectacular. Did you get the pun in the background color? She says it has five coats of spar varnish but it's going to be hard to hang that piece of artwork on the fence in the elements and I'm not doing it until it warms up to freezing.


~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Oh I wish I could have come! I really miss you all and am very disapointed. But its probably a good thing I didn't, the wind storm we had last night was horrible and when I went into town this morning, the plows hadn't touched our roads yet. 'Slicker than snot' was a good description :)

Jodi said...

Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that some of the unexpected has been not so good. That bracelet is precious, though! And your library book club sounds fabulous.

That sign is just marvelous. What a treasure.

Valerie said...

The bracelet is marvelous!! And the sign is pretty cool too.

I hope the other side of unexpected isn't too bleak.

We are having yukky, icy weather too.

Beryl Moody said...

The bracelet and sign are the best gifts ever. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us.

MiniKat said...

I would be torn about hanging that beautiful sign outside too. It's so gorgeous! You are lucky to know other talented people.

That bracelet is adorable too!

Wool Enough said...

The bracelet is awesome. What an incredibly creative idea!

bspinner said...

Wow, the bracelet is fabulous!!! How is it made?
I thought your sign looked great before it was painted but the colors sure do make it all stand out.
Glad you got to work ok.

Minya said...

It is awesome! It makes me want to drive down to meet you!! Great job Amy :)

That bracelet is amazing. Look over there! Godzilla! *yoink*