Saturday, January 31, 2009

Last Day of January

It's the last day of January and this is all the weather we have to show for it. The hammock post is mocking me as I take this picture, as well as our fenced garden. We had a busy day in town. We needed to get upgraded phones and go to a retirement party for a friend. I used to try to jam birthday parties and baby showers into a week. The changes of stages - this week we went to a wake and a retirement party.

By the time I got to the end of the first towel this morning, the tension was clearly wonky. I tried to wind it forward, fix the lose larks heads and rewind, but it just was bad. I decided to cut this towel off and tie up again. I've decided that for towels, I need to explore learning to warp from the back. Maybe I'll get a tighter and more even tension if I'm not winding though the heddles. I have no idea how to do this at all you know.
Here's my one and only towel from the warp I wound for three towels. I'll only get one more out of this warp and it will be twill. It's *supposed* to a learning lesson and it has been that all right, but not the lesson that Handwoven had envisioned in their article. Their plan was for seven towels. They didn't factor me into their lesson.

Ian told me this morning that we're going to be seeing his godson Chris the end of February. His son is one month old and I've see pictures on Facebook, but I didn't expect to see him this soon. We stopped at Jimmy Beans today and I got this to knit for him. His name is Solomon.


Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Your towels look great! I really love the colors. :) If you have any questions for warping back to front, feel free to ask;) I learned to dress my loom back to front and after a few years taught myself front to back......I will NEVER go back;) It took about two hours off of my loom dressing time;)

bspinner said...

Towels are great!!! I warp front to back for everything. It's the only way I know how to warp a loom and so far have been happy with it.

Birdsong said...

I love the colors of your towel. I agree - the drought weather is really not acceptable! I realized today is the first day of the Imbolc season... heading into spring with no real winter. Not good. Happy godchild knitting.

Michelle said...

Beautiful yarn; is that going to be a BSJ? I like your towels both on and off the loom, and can't see a thing wrong with either of them. Guess you can send them to me! :-)

beadlizard said...

Those weaving lessons can be very frustrating, but the towel is beautiful and your next set will be easier.

I love the name Solomon. What will you knit?

Marie said...

The towel is great! Cut it off and retie the warp to the front. Any droopy threads can be weighted.