Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Day Off

I've spun half of Mim's roving, using the tech-
nique that Sara suggested in her January 6th post. At least I tried to follow her instructions. I'm don't think my color runs are as successful as hers. I'm going to spin the other 2 ounces, deliberately mixing the colors and then I'll use both in hats to see if I like one method better than the other.

This is now I spent some of my afternoon. I had to fix some errors and in the end, ran out of steam. I had to hoped to finish the threading. I need to weave more often so my back doesn't tired as quickly.

I've started doing some exercises that our potter neighbor showed me. He says he's always working in front of him so the muscles in his back doesn't develop at the same rate and leave him vulnerable to injury. I figure that applies to what I do as well.
This is my view from where I'm sitting behind my loom. A month ago retirement hadn't even entered my vocabulary and now I think about it every day.

Charlie is bird-
watching. I think he's dreaming big.

Look what came in the mail today!


Leigh said...

Yay! You're weaving! Well, almost anyway. :)

Rascal said...

Go Charlie! Bird watching is a favorite activity at our house.

~~Sittin.n.Spinnin said...

Its so nice to see your smiling face :)
I have a wet dog sitting at my feet right now, its raining cats and um, dogs lol the only reason I mention it is because I can smell her. ewww

bspinner said...

Weaving and retirement go hand in hand. I love both. Charlie's got the right idea. Bird watch from inside a nice warm house.

Anonymous said...

Man! What a set-up!!!! And, what a view!!!!!! Great space to feed your interests. Charlie looks quite comfy.