Monday, November 01, 2010

Project in the Hole

Look what I got in the mail! We have a grand-nephew arriving very soon. I had been collecting ideas for a baby blanket but got sidetracked by our vacation. When I saw the Yarn Barn catalog at a friend's house, I decided to opt for a kit, and I wish I would have ordered it at that time. We will have a baby before I have a blanket.
I love the bright colors and plan to skip the hat. It doesn't do anything for me. I think the hat is 4" of the weaving length and I'll probably just add it on to the blanket. I won't be able to wind this warp until Thursday and will warp front-to-back, just to be safe.
Charlie fell in love with the box the kit came in. He pushed it all over the counter and then off the counter and then all over the floor. He was so funny that I knew it would be a great photo op. I had the camera on and walked around the counter, but he heard me coming, left his new toy, walked toward me and sat down. What box? I don't know anything about a box.

I was reminded of a friend whose five-year-old daughter came into the kitchen with her hands behind her back, rocking a little from side to side, and stated: "Nobody wrote on the washing machine with crayons."


Marion B. said...

That babyblanket is nice with those bright colours. Boy colours.
And I don't like the hat either. Can't be comfortable I think.
I've never warped front to back I must give it a try though. My selvegeds are always a mess so I have to reconsider my warping method anyway.

Your story about Charlie is hilarious. He does have that guilty, innocent look in the picture :-)

And your story about the little girl reminded me about another girl who once told me; my belly is hungry........

Happy weaving.

Purple Fuzzy Mittens said...

Definitely skip the hat. Blanket is cute and will be treasured.

Maggie said...

I have so many pictures of my orange tabby, Leo, in boxes! As soon as something arrives in a box, he's sniffing it and shoving me aside. Paper shopping bags are a close second.

Anonymous said...

Great blanket, fun project. You are right about the hat.

Valerie said...

Great blanket...should be a fun weave. The kind that keeps you going just to see what the next color looks like.

I agree with you on the hat....blech!

What is it about cats that they love to make us look like fools?! So funny with the box. Jazzy does that with delivery boxes and library books. I always wonder if there were mice around the delivery boxes and if the library books visited homes with other pets. Such a sensory treat for an animal that otherwise doesn't leave the house...except to go to the vet.

Nina said...

The blanket is perfect. I love the colours. I agree, skip the hat.

Cute kitty story. Cats certainly are creatures with a lot of personality.

Judy said...

What great colors for a baby blanket! That will be one cherished gift and I bet that you'll have fun weaving it. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of it.

Great shot of Charlie, by the way. He's a good looking cat.

Enjoy your week!

Leigh said...

What lovely colors for a baby blanket! That will be so much fun to make.

Charlie is too cute. Reminds me of a cat my daughter used to have. The kids had helium balloons, which were parked on the ceiling with long ribbons hanging down. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something bouncing up about three feet in the air and then thudding back to the floor. I realized it was that cat, jumping up to tag the ribbons. Of course as soon as I got the camera she just sat there looking at me, same pose as Charlie. Must be a cat thing. :)

Benita said...

Great blanket pattern! I love all the colors in it.

That story of the 5-year-old had both Scott and I cracking up.

Neil used to think small potato chip bags were the greatest. Beck when we ate such things, he would steal the bag from the trash, and batt it all over the place. I love cats!!!