Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A New Thread

My cones arrived from the George Yarn Company. The yarn is more tender than Webs Valley 8/2 cotton, and I realized that it's the second grade of UKI that I had read about on the Yarn Barn of Kansas website. They carry two grades of the UKI and this is what they say about this grade:

"We carry several lines of 8/2 unmercerized cotton. This line is the more economical choice for those needing larger amounts of colors. The twist is a little looser, so you might experience a few broken threads in the warp, but the price is right. You can also mix the 8/2 A Colors with 8/2 B colors for maximum color range."

Michael's price is right! He charged me $10.50 for a pound and Yarn Barn charges $14.75. He's raising his prices by 10% next month but it's still a good price. I paid $11.99 bulk price from Webs, in case you want to know.

I shuffled around colors and placement of colors for way too long this morning. I needed to be weaving!

This is what I finally decided on. I am on the sixth of ten towels and so I'll have to put on a short warp of the Yuba River towels in order to have them done for the fair. I am determined to have an entry in that category.
The other unfinished entry is my knitted jacket. I finally finished the cowl collar which took a ton of yarn, finished a sleeve today and have another sleeve a quarter of the way finished. That's all I'm going to be doing for the next week. And even then, I'm going to have to drive my entries over in order to meet the submission deadline. Dislike.

On another note, my membership to the St Mary's fitness center was due for renewal tomorrow. I have agonized for months over what I would do when the time came. I love swimming and the tai chi, but I only get in eight times a month and its expensive. Yesterday I checked in for a swim. When she told me my membership would expire in a day, did I want to renew, I said I don't think so. I didn't know until that second what I would do. I had seen my doctor that morning for a routine visit and he was absolutely unimpressed by my gym membership. In fact he was incredulous that I no longer had a walking routine. He was thrilled that I'm studying tai chi.

So the plan is to walk one day and do tai chi exercises the alternate days. I have Mark Lord's schedule and can take classes from him much more cheaply than the gym membership. I think I outgrew the gym. I lost interest in racing to no where on an elliptical trainer and even the lap swims had started to seem pointless. I've enjoyed the tai chi exercises under the trees in our yard. Somehow it seems more wholesome. I think the time was right. It's a new thread in my life.


Cindie said...

Wow - I didn't know UKI had two grades of cotton - good to know. The colors you've got are great, can't wait to see the towels. And that sweater jacket is beautiful!

Valerie said...

Interesting you should mention that about the difference in twist between the two cottons. I was going to reply to you about that in our discussion about sett from my last blog post. More loosely twisted yarn will sometimes wear better with a slightly closer sett.

The colors are wonderful. Can't wait to see the Yuba River towels. The sweater is lovely too....even looking at it in the 90 degree heat!!

The gym membership...time passes, things change.

Wool Enough said...

I love tai chi, been working on qigong/shibashi to get back into it. What fun to be able to practice outdoors!

Laura said...

I love the colors. I would also love to be able to afford your towels, as I'm not weaving any very quickly, here!!

I'm still working on the exercise thing. I've ridden Tang twice this week, and have a lesson tomorrow. She is really hard work to ride, as in she makes me work for almost every step... But I love her anyway.

Annie said...

You have been so busy! It's some time since I read any blogs, so toda I tried to do this, although summer has finally come to this country (It will only be for about three days and will end again after today: it's been cold and wet all summer) so there were plenty of things that could be done now.
I love the colours you chose for your weaving.

Kathy said...

I'm glad you've decided to come over to the Dark Side with Melanie and me. Michael's yarns are so nice and it's even nicer to be able to afford to buy more colors for the "paintbox", isn't it?
Pat Charlie for me! And hug Ian. Or...vice versa. LOL!

Anonymous said...

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