Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fire Cracker Day or Just Crackers

I ran over to Mim's after lunch - this is her end of our valley. She's hosting a guild meeting this Saturday which I had anticipated attending but we're leaving for Oregon on Friday to see our kids. I have four beautiful alpaca fleeces that I have been storing with well-meaning intentions, but the reality is that I am drowning in fleece. I took them over in the hopes that someone will want them for their fiber stash.
It's been such a mild summer so far that the prickly poppies are just now in full bloom - in July! I realize that this isn't what you'd call full bloom outside of the high desert, but consider what they're growing in and what moisture they have, or not. These guys are struttin' their stuff.
I came down the bottom on the hill - lo and behold, there was a turkey vulture sitting on the fence post. He's not a very big, but I haven't seen one here in a long time. When I started up the car, I spooked three. You never know what you're going to see here, but I'd rather what I see fly rather than slither.
This alien looking image is me hem-
stitching fringe. The bottom fringe was tied in bundles of three, but after my exchange with Pat McDaniel, I elected to tie the emulated fringe in bundles of two. This is only of interest to rug weavers BTW. I can see that Pat's option is going to emulate tied fringe very well. Thanks Pat!
This is the rug I've just started. A friend gave me a double set of Tommy Hilfiger twin sheets and I almost wrenched my shoulder patting my back for the clever use of the red checkered pillow case in the rug. I hate it! I absolutely hate it. I have to focus on getting ready to leave for Oregon so have forbidden myself from entering the zone of temptation - my studio. When we get back, the red comes out.
My Knit Picks order came. Sadly the only thing I actually needed was the cable connectors, which were $1.99 plus shipping. But when I saw the Lantern Moon (fair trade from Vietnam) case for the interchangeable Harmony needles, I caved.
I know that I am fully capable of sewing a storage case like this and I also know that I'm fully not interested. This is half the size of the plastic case the needles come in. Let's call it a donation.
And finally, the real reason why I can't let myself go into the studio - my yarn order arrived. Look at all the fantastic color potential arrangements, on to top of the ones I've already established. I'm tossing around a Dawn scheme that would include ink black. When I can't sleep, I think of colors. You count sheep, I'll string colors together.

Read a good book lately? I have and here are a couple:

The Expats by Chris Pavone: Mom's day job isn't as it seems and then the whole family has a shake up. Fun, total beach read.

Porch Lights by Dorothy Benton Frank: Maybe a little predictable but I fell in love with characters and would read every book after if she went for sequels.

Learning to Swim
by Sara J. Henry: This is another romp and I only caught onto it by another friend through Goodreads.

How Not to Run a B&B by Bobby Hutchinson: I found this through my Amazon rental subscription and have to say it's one of my favorite books this year, though I'm not sure it's available otherwise. If you have Amazon Prime, two thumbs up.

And we're outta here - see you in a week!


m said...

Rather than ripping the red out altogether, couldn't you alternate it with the blue? It looks to me as though there are blue flashes in the red.

Benita said...

Pretty, yarn! I see so many potentials here.

Valerie said...

My "crystal ball" sees a lot of colorful weaving in your future!!

Am not sure what you hate about the red in the rug....but it's your rug, so am sure you will work it out once you are back in the studio.

Enjoy your upcoming family time!

Unknown said...

To Not To Run B&B is a really great read, enjoyed it immensely.

Nina said...

Wow, I can see why your studio would be so tempting right now with those colours waiting for you! At least it will be something fabulous to come home to.